Cruising on the Disney Dream and Our First Family Video

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Together with Tuckers: Our Spring break Disney Cruise!

Good Morning Friends and Happy Friday!!!

This morning I wanted to share a little something that I’ve been working on for the past few days and something that has been a long time coming for me.

It’s no secret photography and blogging have taken a back seat for a little while.  I do that from time to time and those that know me well, get this.  It’s been a little more than lately.  As I said in my last post, 2019 so far has been a beast of a year and the end of 2018 (well the latter part of 2018 was gearing up to lend itself that way too) and photography was just something that needed to slow down a bit.

The other part, to be honest:  was needing to find something that sparked joy in me again!  Something that encouraged me to learn something new and challenged me in a way that excited me like it once had!

Towards the end of 2018 and so far in 2019 my NEED has been to be mom!  I have needed to be there, 100% for my family and in doing so I learned that my passion was reignited in capturing moments and memories for my own family.  I had been so focused for so long on building and preserving the legacies and stories of other families, that looking back… I had done a good job of preserving ours; but not GREAT!

And I wanted ours to be GREAT… I wanted ours to be just as beautiful and wonderful and full of REAL and RAW and LIFE as I had done for so many others.

So this has been my heart and it has sparked a great joy in me.  It has pushed me to learn new skills, new mediums and embrace truly living in the moment by putting it all down.  It’s lit a fire.

It’s helped me realize when it’s OK to capture the moment, and when it’s important to walk away and BE in the moment!

So here’s our first captured video!  I’ve made many for families that have been with me over the years; but this is our very first family video!  And our first youtube channel in case you want to follow along as I attempt to capture our stories along the way… we have so many family members spread all over and to be fair Linc just wants to be on youtube, so we created the channel to keep us connected.  We created it to keep us connected when we are apart as a family and connected to our family members.  We also created it as a family journal so that one day we can see all the joy we had even in the smallest of moments that to us right now might seem small and ordinary but later on we realize were the ones that were truly magical!


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