The excitement of birthdays and Christmas morning?  My process helps you focus on feeling like that and not worrying about all the other little details.  

I'm a busy mom too and I have the same worries you do.  That's why I try and make this process as easy I can so that by the time we get to the actual photo session, you are excited and know exactly what to expect!
I also want to make sure it's a time where you can just BREATHE and truly BE in the moment with your kids!
Thats why you and I will work together BEFORE the session to take care of all those small details so you can just relax, play, and laugh the night of the session!


You can expect to gain a new BFF!  
We will e-mail and talk about all those small details prior to session.
We will go over all your questions.  We will work together to provide custom styling for your family.  I provide custom styling boards that match every budget. We can even shop your closet!
I promise you will feel ready the night before!  Ready and excited.
During the session, I will capture your moments as fast or slow as your family needs!  We will play, we will laugh, and I promise to tell you what to do with your hands!
Afterwards, I will send you the gallery of your images!  This is the BEST part!  From there, I will help you decide what you want to do with your beautiful artwork!  Let's show it off... don't let it sit forgotten on your computer!

“Brooke is the absolute best to work with.  She always makes our family feel so comfortable and captures genuine moments of happiness.”

She is so patient and works wonders with our son who is super active!  She brings the fun to our sessions with games and laughter!  We love having Brooke capture our special moments as family!

— Chelsea and Paul

"Brooke made the whole family feel comfortable and confident.  She incorporated games and activities to help capture candid pictures to ensure my 3 and 5 year old daughters were natural in our photos.  We were BLOWN AWAY at the photos we received!"

We couldn't have asked for a better photograher!

— Kristi, family beach session

“These are photos to cherish for a lifetime!  I cried seeing so much love captured in these photos!”

Brooke puts you right at easy and makes taking photos so fun! She captured every ounce of love between my daughter and I. Brooke is an absolute JOY to have as a photographer!  

— sam & Quinn


initial consult

Let's get to know each other and find out which session/collection is right for you!
Communication and BFF status!

session time!

All those details have been covered and it's time PLAY with your family! 

Gallery Delivery/ boutique products

-online gallery delivery of hand-edited unique images
a la carte add ons of boutique prints and products per collections!



I've said it before but some things are so important they need to be written down again and again.  I'm a mom too and I know how busy and chaotic and beautifully messy life is!  I KNOW how to make this process easy and fun from the first e-mail to the gallery delivery!  I know how to capture those timeless moments you will cherish for years to come.
So take my hand and let me help you!  I've got you!  

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Brooke made our photo session memorable!  She truly captured our family and got the giggles out of my kids —

I normally wait years between booking photo sessions but Brooke made it so simple and fun that I can't wait for our next session!

— caroline





Frequently asked questions

how long is a session?

Sessions usually begin 1.5 before the sun sets and lasts until the sun sets or your family gets tired of playing all my crazy games!  (promise, it's usually the sun setting first!)

What happens if it rains?

I will be checking the weather the week of our session.   If it looks like we will have uncooperative weather, I will call you to schedule a "rain date".  I usually give you 2 to 3 dates to choose from as close to our date as possible.  

where will we shoot?

We will communicate a bunch prior to your session to find out your goals for the session and your final images.  When we have a clear idea of your vision, we can find the perfect location together!

Do you offer mini sessions?

A few times a year I offer limited edition mini sessions.  These are usually offered in the fall and again at the start of summer!

What if i need an earlier time?

I also offer sunrise sessions (which are some of my favorites).  We will talk A LOT prior to your session date, so we can talk about different times and what will work best for your family!

my child is "spirited" and wild, is it going to be ok?

Absolutely!  First:  I have a strong willed, wild child so I understand!  Second:  with me, the kids are in charge of the session and when I say that, I just mean we are all on a playdate together!  I bring the games and the fun (and some hidden structure).  Your job is just to relax and play and be present with your family!  




" We take photographs as a RETURN TICKET to a moment that is otherwise gone."
Let me give you that golden ticket to those moments you will desperately want to go back to!