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The best kind of images are the ones we want to revisit time and time again.  The ones that when we look at them we are immediately taken back to that exact moment!  We feel the same feelings, we remember all the little details  and it is as if no time has passed at all.



I value the moments that are real and raw.  The moments that you want to be able to visit again and again.  Those moments that are truly the magic of your family.  That is why I pick up my camera!  To help you capture those stories, those moments!  The moments you can't bear to live without!



I view every client as a member of my family.  It's why I take great care to make sure that your moments and your stories are documented in a way that is joyful, authentic and everlasting!
Each session is individually curated for YOUR family and needs.
I take only a limited number of sessions so I can give you the one on one attention you deserve!


Family Session

Perfect for families, personality portraits, or just you and your babies! 
Pricing begins at $ 450.

Senior Portrait Session

Perfect for rising seniors or graduating seniors. Great for High Schoolers or Collegiate Grads! 
 Pricing begins at $500.

Fantasy/ All about me

Do you have a dreamer with a big imagination?  This is the perfect session for you!  This session captures the magic of childhood.and the imagination of YOUR child!  Perfect for ages 3-10.
Pricing begins at $550

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you choose the session based on who you want to be in the spotlight:  your family, your child or your child's imagination! Each session includes digital files and a private gallery for you to view your images! I also offer collections featuring heirloom, boutique printed products to preserve your memories and highlight your legacy.  each session has a $300 creative fee (deposit fee) along with your personalized collection/session fee based on your unique. needs. 

She truly cares about the family's she shoots and wants everyone to have a                     and                experience! 



— amanda, lifetime family client

Our images are so               to us as they capture this really special moment for our family and all the fun of their childhood.  We are SO grateful for this wonderful time 


time capsule.

—  Elizabeth & Matt
Family Clients

this is my why — 

Real i s better


 I was a photographer before my son was born 11 years ago... but I don't think I really began to understand the power and gift until I became a mama.  
My husband was deployed and my son was a little over a year.  It was my camera and those photos that I took every day to document his growth and our day to day life that showed me just how important capturing your story can be.  You see, that year was a rough year for me.  I don't remember much but I have those photos to show me that despite that crazy time:  we laughed! We played!  Mama cooked chocolate chip pancakes successfully for the first time ever, and my son was STOKED!  We had adventures!  Life was pretty good and I was there!  Even if I didn't see it.
YOUR STORY MATTERS!  As moms, we ARE the keepers of our family story.  We take the pictures, we remember all the stories.  When our children go from teeny fingers wrapped around ours to tweens with braces and attitudes,  we are there.  Let me help you capture all those moments:  so you can see just how beautiful all YOUR real moments are! 


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