I know from personal experience (I am in the thick of it right now) that those squishy, sleepy babies turn into tweens overnight!  But it's OK mama!  Because these photos... they don't change!  They stay the same... FOREVER!
So let's get down to the details so we can work on capturing your family story together!

all about the


This session is ideal for Family, Children, Personality Portraits or just simply you and your babies together (and yep they will always be your babies)!  
This session is all about capturing your moments as they are:  real, beautiful and magical!
I will capture your love, your connection, and what is special right now in this very moment.  

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun"
                                                           - A.A. Milne



I know we all have that one picture in mind that we want and trust me, I got you!  But I want MORE than that for your family!  I want you to leave a session feeling like your family just had the BEST TIME!  
I want your gallery to be filled with deep belly laughs, and tender, sweet moments... like when your son touches his hand to your cheek, or your husband wraps his little girl tightly in his arms and she knows she is safe.  I want to capture that silly smile that drives you crazy but in 10 years you'll miss!  I'll bring the games....  and you just have to be present in the moment with the people you love.
Because I'm here now... where the gapped tooth little boy is growing before my eyes and all my photographs, all my albums remind me that I have got to FREEZE time as much as I can because those photographs, those albums are the only way I can hold on!



beautiful images that capture magic, wonder and laughter

 I'm a mama just like you and I know that is a beautiful mess!  It's both beauty and chaos and goes by too long and too short all at the same time. 

AN experience that is easy & fun!

After 12 years of capturing beautiful stories for families here in Virginia Beach, as well as my own, I am ready to help you capture the magic of yours! 

freedom to just breathe and be present

I know from having a wild strong willed child myself that showing up to a session can be stressful. My promise to you is that I will be there every step of the way so that when it's time, you can actually be completely present and ENJOY and play with your family.  

         Brooke made something that can be super stressful a fun play time!  Our kids loved being silly with her and we loved how she captured that in the photos!

— elizabeth. family session client



 I'm the only photographer with a degree in PLAY!  I'm also a mom just like you!  I know the demands that are placed on us and I know the many hats we wear.  It's beautiful and messy and hard and wonderful and it's the best title we have in this world.
I also know (all to well right now) that the sweet little chunky baby that slept on your chest, will soon turn into a teenager in the blink of an eye. That not all the days are going to be perfect, but the photos we are lucky enough to capture, those moments get to STAY.  They are frozen in time, placed in frames and albums, for us to visit any time we want to.  That is magical.  That is what I am here to do.  I'm here to help you slow down time for just a moment so you can hold it, whenever you choose.  

Brooke emits this                            energy that is reflected in every photo she captures.  She makes every session relaxed and fun.  She has such an eye for catching the most                   , rarest moments within a single photograph! 



— charlotte,
2000- present family client


I know you are busy.  I know photos can feel awkward.  In fact, I know this might even be a first!  But I PROMISE YOU, I have the answers to make this EASY, and FUN and ENJOYABLE.... for everyone!
The best part is that I've been doing this for 12 years and most of my clients have been with me since their babies were born and they are now graduating!  

So get ready to meet your new bff/photographer

Because I'm your girl!  
I'll be there for all your moments:  Your special ones and your every day ones!  In fact, being would mean the world to me!

a la carte options can INCLUDE:

Gallery Add Ons

Most sessions include a gallery of 20 hand edited unique images available for download.  There is always the option to upgrade ad purchase all images for download.  Inquire for more information.

Fine Art Prints

Our images tell our story!  There is no better way to honor those moments and memories by printing them.  Prints allow us to SEE, TOUCH, HOLD and SHARE our treasured moments and stories.  Please inquire for the many ways you can share your precious story.

Fine Art Albums

We are the memory keepers for our family.  When I shoot each session, I shoot to tell a story and that story is best displayed in an album.  These beautiful hand-crafted albums all you to see your family's unique magic and moments unfold and frozen in time;  ready to be re-visited any time you like!


A simple session starts at $600.  
We will work together to create a collection that is perfect for you with any additional add ons or a la carte options you might like.

-Each session comes with an online gallery of 40 hand edited unique images ready for download
- You will receive boutique prints of each image in the gallery
- A la carte options available and customized for your own personal collection upon request 
-please inquire via e mail to receive a detailed breakdown of pricing

ready to get started?

LET'S Capture

your magic together!

Meet me at your favorite location and let's play.  Let's FREEZE your most precious moments... TOGETHER!