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Catch a Wave!

July 29, 2019

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It’s been a long time friends and so much has happened! The biggest news is that we packed up the house in Florida and moved back to our home town of Virginia Beach! We moved right at the beginning of summer so we’ve been able to just enjoy the pool, and family and friends and most of all having the beach right back in our backyard again!

It’s been a busy summer so far: Linc has been in lots of camps but recently we just finished up one that has to be ALL of our favorite of the summer: SURF CAMP!

I’m not sure if ya’ll remember: but it wasn’t too long ago that my little fish..hmm scratch that SHARK of a swimmer (mr. breath holds and scary dare devil shark in the water) would not go anywhere NEAR the ocean. I’m not sure whether it was the sound of the crashing waves he didn’t like, or maybe the loss of control in the water with the current?! Who knows! All I know is that it wasn’t until the end of last summer when we were visiting my mom here that Linc decided the ocean was OK, and that was a huge victory.

So image our surprise when we were talking about a few camps for the summer like soccer and all sports when Linc mentioned he wanted to sign up for surf camp! I was super excited and all about that so we went right online (in Florida because we were still there) and registered him right away with my old crew 17th street!

Ya’ll: Let me just tell you: IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!

We initially signed up for the 3 day session because we weren’t even sure if Linc was going to like it. Goodness knows if Linc isn’t “in” to something, there is no amount of forcing or pleading him to do it. Turns out, we ended up extending our camp for the whole week! These instructors and this camp… they are phenomenal and here’s why:

  • The instructors are FUN but also patient and kind! Every kiddo in our session was able to surf a wave and the waves were BIG our session! I mean, I was a little scared, but they were fantastic!
  • They take lots of breaks and even have games in between surfing sessions (capture the flag, duck duck goose, giants, wizards and elves.. I think, I was confused on that last game… I’m old I know)
  • They take extra time with the small ones like my kiddo AND with anyone that might be timid or afraid. There is no pushing or any expectations. It’s all about fun and stepping outside your comfort zone!
  • Every morning there was a circle where the campers learned about water safety, surfing etiquette and general ocean knowledge. Linc learned about rip tides, how to protect his head when he wipes out, how to read the tides and the waves and much more!
  • The campers form really fun friendships! Linc met a little buddy and already has playdates scheduled. They also stuck together and really encouraged one another throughout the week. Without Claire, I’m not sure Linc would have gone after as many waves as he did!
  • The instructors are aware of every single camper and are totally organized, safe and productive!
  • At the end of the week there was a pizza party, slideshow of images that the parents could download, goodie bags and Billabong pro’s for the campers to meet and sign posters!

I could continue on and on but honestly the week was just FUN and it was amazing to see everyone grow and get braver and bolder as the week went on. And yep I was totally the creeper parent that went almost every day WITH my gear and took extra pictures of my kid! Hey… I’m not embarrassed about it! As long as Linc keeps asking me to show up, I’m gonna be there!

I have a TON of pictures from the week, but for now I’ll just share our home video…please excuse the go pro video clips. I didn’t edit them, I just strung them together!

Thank you Billabong and 17th Street Surf Camp! We will see ya next summer!

And if you are looking for a surf camp… check them out! Maybe we can hit up a session together! 😉

  1. David Cole says:

    Great review. The young man in the video teaching your son is my son. Travis loves the ocean and sharing it with others.

    • says:

      Oh my goodness, he was the BEST! We are so thankful for him. My son adores him and talks about him all the time. If it weren’t for him and Eliza I don’t think our son would have gone back after the first day. As it was, he extended through the rest of the week. I have to tell you, you raised a wonderful, very responsible and incredible young man! We truly are so grateful for him!

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