Our 2019 Family Summer Bucket list

I can’t believe it’s already August! Part of me feels like I have blinked and this summer is just flying by so quickly. The other part of me, well, let’s just say Linc is having the most EPICLY long summer in the history of summers!

For those of you just following us now, we just left Florida to move back to Virginia Beach. Florida school’s got out for summer in May, so they are heading back to school in the next few weeks here. Virginia schools won’t be heading back to school until September! This means Linc is having a 4 months long summer: probably the longest summer of his life!

One tradition I’ve started doing is making little “bucket lists”. I typically try to do one every month. It helps me to get our whole family out of the house on the weekends and doing fun, family and hopefully less costly activities… together! It was part of my goal planning I started a few years back. It really helped us connect together and get away from all types of screen time and also just enjoy the activities we had around us in the Florida area.

When it came to summers, I realized we needed ONE LARGE Bucket list of things Linc and I could to all summer to keep away the summer “boredom”! I was inspired by one of my insta friends Shalonda Chaddock at Chubby Cheek Photography to grab a big old chalkboard and write it out for everyone to see.

Here’s a peek at ours for this summer:

We;ve checked a bunched off already, even more so that are in that image above! I need to update it 😉 I like to keep things that are fun and simple:

  • Catch Fireflies
  • Eat popsicles with Papa
  • Dance in the Rain
  • Chalk the driveway
  • Eat cake (because July is Linc’s birthday!)

And also make sure we get some big ticket items in there too:

  • Go to Busch Gardens
  • Head to OBX (to see Grave Digger, that’s Linc’s favorite)
  • Tourist night!!! (That’s where we head down to the beach and go crazy at all the little shops and restaurants and mini golf places like a tourist would!)
  • Ropes Course at the VA Aquarium!

Sometimes we will continue to add more things but the goal is to check off all the items before school starts!

I guess it’s a good thing that Linc has a long summer… we keep adding to our list!

The best part about the bucket list is that each day when Linc feels like he needs an activity to do, OR I feel like he’s just restless; we can go to the bucket list and see if there is something we can find to go check off! It helps keep us busy and also helps us spend more time together doing something productive and fun!

Do you Bucket List? What are some things on your list?

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