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BRINGING YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS INTO YOUR LIFE! Tips from a family photographer

May 7, 2024

what to do with your family session images


As a family photographer for quite some time now (over 12 years) and a mom, I truly understand the important of capturing our precious moments with our loved ones! Not only just capturing them but FREEZING them in every stage because gosh darn it…. time has a way of feeling slow but stealing the years we have right out from underneath us!

But here is the kicker… what good are these beautiful memories that we have managed to save (and sort of cheat time) if they are just stuck?! How are they serving us if they are hidden away buried somewhere on our computers lost in a folder or hidden in a phone gallery?!

If you are anything like me I know I have some amazing and adorable photos of my son, captured in the spur of the moment, that my phone reminds me of once a year! But then in all honesty it goes back in to some random space on my phone that I forget about which is incredibly sad because that photo brings me so much joy and takes me back to a moment of laughter, joy, simplicity and love! Shouldn’t we be reminded of those tiny moments more often?

I think that answer is ABSOLUTELY! It’s time we bring ALL of the moments we have captured of family that we love, that bring us joy, that show our magic, that make us FEEL a certain type of way to LIFE! To take them out of the dark spaces hidden on our computers and phones… and display them proudly in our homes where everyone can enjoy them!

So here are some my own tips that I use in my home and with my clients….


Whether you’ve just had a family session recently or you just want to start looking through what you have in your collection; start by selecting your favorites! Look for images that make you feel something and that tell a story. When you start to display images around your home, those will be the ones that will the easiest when coming up with themes. Look for a mixture of posed, candid and details. Remember… this is about you and your moments so there is no “right” way. Just your way and your story! Get the whole family invovled too. Let everyone choose an image or too that speaks to them and have fun!


There are so many different ways to print photos so consider all your options. Consider the size and style of prints that will work best for your space that you want to display your images. Whether you prefer classic framed prints, canvas wraps, wood prints, stand outs, there are endless options to suit your tase and your home! Chat with your family photographer to help you figure out what might work best! There are also a bunch of different types of material to print on from glossy, lustre, linen, matte etc. Your photographer can show you what each might look like and also help you create something truly beautiful! These will also work if you just want to print your own images that you’ve taken yourself whether with your own camera or your phone. Your options are endless just like what you decide to do within your space. But don’t let that intimidate you! Like I said… there is no”right” way! The goal is to take your beautiful memories out of their dark, hidden spaces and bring them into your lives where you can see them and enjoy them on a daily basis!


I LOVE gallery walls and have several in my own home! I’ve designed several for my clients over the years! Gallery walls are a popular way to display multiple photos in a cohesive and visually appealing manner! There are many ways you can do this… you can mix and match different sizes and frames from a cool, eclectic look. Some people also mix in other materials as well (I included letters and a giant surf board for one of my clients). You can also go for a more uniform and clean, classic look keeping the frames and sizes the same adhering to a theme! In our living room by our couch we have a gallery wall of family photos where our theme is “connection”. I have another one in our hallway that is centered around “play”. I can talk more about gallery walls in another post! Again, these don’t all have to be professional photos, you can include any image that makes you happy!


Photo albums are another way that I LOVE to bring family images to life! In fact, the way that I shoot is entirely storybook style and meant for photo albums! I’ve been creating photo albums for my family since I was pregnant with my son and have created an album every year since. It’s become a tradition! Now that he’s older, it’s less about him (because let’s face it life with an only child is always about them) and more about our family adventures.

Photo albums are a FUN way to curate and keep your family’s legacy. There are so many options with albums from keeping them yearly or just purchasing an album with your family session. You can write notes in your album and add in keepsakes or you can let the images do the talking! You can display albums on tables around your house or designate a special place just for them. They can be big or small, leather or linen… the options are endless!

We have a rainbow of colors in our home and they are displayed just about everywhere from our coffee table, to our ladder bookshelf, my office, our game room and even in the kitchen. I think the most wonderful thing about the album is that it can be read like a storybook. My son used to grab the albums at night and ask us to read them to him as he thumbed through the images of all of us together and the stories of his life. Whenever I bring them out to show to a client, he will still go over them and laugh even now that he’s closing in on 12.


If you still love the option of digital photos, one of the greatest options to come along is the invention of the digital photo frame! These are amazing and make fantastic gifts too. These displays allow you to showcase a slideshow of all your favorite images without taking up any extra wall space. It just sits wherever you place it just like a picture frame! There are some now that even let you send images to your family far away! We do this with our family that live in upstate New York. It’s truly been a blessing because I can take photos of our son or adventures we have them upload them right to the app and it shows up on their digital frame within a matter of minutes… all the way in NY.


This one is something I have always done but when I mention it to my clients it’s always a shocker! Rotate your images! Once you frame and image, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent. You can switch them out seasonally and then switch them back. You can change an image if you update your family portraits or you find you like another image a bit better. One of the biggest tips that I give though is to KEEP THE OTHER PICTURE IN THERE and just move it to the back. This way, that frame becomes almost like a scrapbook in itself! I love switching out my images (especially in my front hallway) only to find that I have four or five pictures in there already. It’s like a little surprise waiting for me so I spend an extra two or three minutes getting to take a little walk down memory lane! It’s an instant reminder for me of how fast time has gone by, how much my son has changed, how much gratitude I have and how every minute I get to spend with these two boys is truly priceless!

If you weren’t convinced already… here’s a little bit more…

” In the home, photos are more than decor, they’re visual love letters that communicate a child’s importance and their family’s history.”

This quote, when I read it for the first time just truly spoke to my heart. Home is a safe space and what better way to create that safe space then displaying all the love you have for each other, all the fun times and the adventures on your walls and in the areas where your spend your time. As I said before… they don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to be professional… they just have to be yours!

There’s truly no better way to celebrate your family than by surrounding yourself with memories that bring you joy and happiness to your every day life!

Are you ready to take those beloved images out of the dark and bring them into the light?!

I hope these tips helped you even a little. Once you get started, it just gets easier and easier… I promise. And I’m always here to help!

Contact me today to schedule your next family session and let’s create some memories that you’ll be proud to display for years to come!

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