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Every time I walk away from a session, I always walk away with a huge appreciation for my own little family!  I love watching my clients have fun and play together.  I love watching them laugh and truly enjoy each other with no other plans or lists or to do’s.  It’s pure quality time and my main focus is always to let the kids shine and be themselves!  I love celebrating those families for who they are and where they are right now in whatever stage they are in!

What my clients don’t realize is that I’m walking away with a huge gift that they have given me!  It’s truly a gift that these amazing families trust me with these incredible moments!  It’s also a gift that I get to catch a glimpse at how amazing and unique each and every family unit really is.

I leave every single time with a huge appreciation for my own little family!

I would have never had the courage to pursue photography in this way if it weren’t for Tuck’s encouragement and 100 percent belief that this is what I was made to do.  I still wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for his help and partnership every day on the business side and dedication to our family!

His faith in me is what keeps my passion going!

Linc is my inspiration.  I have always loved working with children and families but it wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I realized my passion truly lies in this one area:  a specialized children and family photographer.

Linc is crazy and goofy and spontaneous!  I want to capture every single second of his spunky personality because it changes so much every day!

Linc loves when I come home from my sessions the next morning and break out the “big camera!”  He loves to see the kiddos and he knows each of my clients by name (he remembers them too.)  He is my inspiration for the Lifetime Experience!

I love hearing him say… “mama I want to see Waverly… mama I want to see Gavin!”  These clients turn into friends and playmates!

I think when you are a small business owner, it honestly becomes a labor of love for the whole family!  There is no way I could do what I do without either one of my boys!  There are my driving force, my inspiration and at the heart of all I do.

My clients are included in my family!  For those of you that have worked with me, you know you can’t just show up to a session without a hug or some kind of invasion of personal space.  You know when you leave… (at least I hope this is the case because it is for me) you leave feeling less like a client and more like a friend (a close one).  You see, you aren’t just a client to me anymore,  you are a part of my family tree now.

So Thank YOU to my family!  Thank you to my boys for all you do!  Thank you to my clients for being who you are!


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