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Wedded Ones

These two… there just aren’t words to describe how kind of amazing they are OR how fun they are.  There are also aren’t many times that I can’t find the words to describe how I felt or what I’m thinking, so you know if I can’t exactly put my thoughts down or explain things well enough to be understood… it must have been pretty epic!



Epic, I guess is the best word to really start with!  I knew during all those Pelon’s taco dates when I would sit with Lauren and talk about her wedding and the sessions we could plan in between that we would end up with a trash the dress. She wasn’t quite sure (so many options and session to chose from these days now) but Lauren and Sean are never without sandy toes and at least a quick peek or walk down on the beach!

The ocean is truly where these two live and breath!  I think the salt ocean water runs in their veins and I’m convinced if they ever stray to far from this ocean it would call them back home in a fierce way!

I pitched an idea to Lauren:  one I had been thinking about and honestly was just dying to do for them!  What I really needed though was a little bit luck and mother nature to be on our side!

We truly couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening!  I met Lauren and Sean at their house (which happens to be about a block from the ocean at one of the best little surf’s spots near us) and I knew right then and there this was going to be pretty amazing.

The water was gorgeous and lucky us, we actually had some fun little waves here in Virginia Beach!  Lauren and Sean brought their surf boards and we headed down to a nice little patch on the sand!

I wish I could express to you in words or write the story of this evening for you the way that I usually love to do.  I just don’t have them for that night!

There weren’t much words exchanged between us!  There was a lot of laughter that night!  There were a lot of very touching moments that night.  There were moments that warmed your heart and moments that kind of set it on fire a bit.  There were also moments that make you realize life is so super short and you just have to enjoy every second no matter what!

All I know is that I think we all came away soaked… and with that one word running through our minds!  That was pretty epic!



I do know that I came home that night and realized how truly amazing marriage is and how lucky we are when we find that person we can love and laugh with no matter how beautiful life is or how crazy life is.

That’s kind of what this trash the dress was all about:  Life is a huge adventure!  Marriage is a huge adventure!  It can be beautiful and perfect.  It can be flawless and seamless one minute and then the next something so beautiful can be completely taken for the wildest ride!  It’s just like that wedding dress:  perfection on the day of the wedding… from there the adventure goes where the beholder allows it!


  1. Karen Mirynowski says:

    Absolutely LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Lauren has basically been a third daughter to me for a long time!! I wish for nothing but a lifetime of happiness for them!!!!

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