Krystin + Vince | King’s Creek Marina Wedding


I knew that there wasn’t going to be many dry eyes at this venue when we started talking about their wedding a year ago!  I knew that I was going to have to wear some super strength water proof mascara and pack some tissues in my camera bag!

You don’t just get to know Krystin and Vince, they become family to you!  You don’t just know them and love them… you truly share a piece of your heart with them as they do with you.

These two have had an incredibly BIG year!  An exciting year that has taken them from adventure to adventure and I’ve been incredibly blessed to capture a few of their moments along the way.  Their wedding day was like the big breath of air… that one big moment that you held your breath for and then suddenly exhaled.  You held it in as you pulled up to the venue and thought “oh my gosh, is this really happening?!”  Excitement just kind of took you over and it was really overwhelming.

You exhaled a little when you saw both Krystin and Vince and received the warm hugs they are so fantastic at giving!  You exhaled a little more when you saw their adorable little Grayson and her bright blue eyes full of wonder and spunk!

You held your breath as Krystin started to get into her wedding dress, I swear she looked like a classic timeless beauty.  I kept thinking Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O!  You held your breath all through the first look and the walk down the aisle!

There were so many moments that were breath takingly beautiful it’s impossible to describe!

Krystin was perfect in every way! She was flawless!  The wedding was stunning but more importantly it was FUN!  These two are always laughing their way through their adventures together and the day was nothing short of pranks and laughter and FUN!

I can’t begin to express how honored I feel that I was able to spend the day with these two!  Thank you for allowing Elizabeth and I to be a part of such an incredible day.  We love you both so much!

Grayson was all about the getting ready part of the morning!

We met up with Vince while he was hanging out with his boys to drop off a little surprise from Krystin!

Then we headed back over to Krystin with a little something from her soon to be Hubs!

Time to head down for Krystin’s first look with her dad!  These still catch my heart and make me tear up!

Krystin gave a quick smooch to G while we waited to start our walk for her first look to meet Vince!

We had a slight hiccup during our start as K got her heel stuck!  Thank goodness for Ileana!  We were laughing to whole time, even Vince!

K just looked so gorgeous she blew Vince’s mind!  He had to soak it all in… so he took a walk around his bride!  LOVE IT!

From here we drove to a little location that Elizabeth is super fond of!  She got married at this spot last year so she had scoped out some pretty perfect little first look locations!

Krystin…. STOOOOOP it girl!  You are GORGEOUS!

One of the biggest things we talked about was having a special first look for Vince:  his own Daddy/Daughter first look!

Be still my heart!

Krystin and Vince were married on the lawn at King’s Creek Marina!


 The bride and groom stole a golf cart and a few moments to themselves!  E and I met them on the beach for a few more romantic pictures before heading to cocktail hour!

Work it guys!  Vince is an awesome nuzzler!

Krystin’s dad gave the most emotional speech!  I think all the guests were crying and laughing at the same time!

Introductions and Party!

Ceremony & Reception:  Kings Creek Marina

Florists:  Robert de Leonibus III of AMARYLLIS INC

Coordinator:  Darian & Dechele Events

Hair & Make-up: Three Bowls of Color

Wedding Dress:  Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Lilly Pulitzer

G’s Wedding Tutu Dress: Tutu Girl

Special Thanks to my amazing second shooter Elizabeth Friske 

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