Our Monster Father’s Day


“Touch Touch Digger”, It’s all we’ve heard now for the past week!  Which is actually pretty awesome!  It was a spur of the moment decision, one that for most people might not have been worth the drive but to us was beyond anything we could have imagined it to be!  

I never expected Tuck to even be home on Father’s day!  I spent hours in the hallmark stores buying the perfect cards:  deployment cards, super hero cards, from your loving wife cards, miss you cards, just because cards and then of course Linc and I made our own cards to send.  I planned our Father’s day box down to the package stuffing and what day I was going to send it out to make sure it got there early!  I was prepared!  But we all know that when you prepare and plan, life has this funny way of throwing you a curve ball and saying:  haha plan for THIS!  The THIS just happened to be a wonderful surprise and we all got to be together for our second father’s day!  That was really the best gift anyone could ask for!

So we woke up in the morning and had our normal routine of breakfast and cards and I asked Tuck what he wanted to do today?  We would do anything he wanted, although I knew he just wanted to spend time with us.  We ran through a list of things we could do:  play in our pool which Linc loves, go to the aquarium which is usually fun but kind of quick, go to the beach like the rest of our area, or we could do something totally different.  We could drive to see the Grave Digger!

Linc’s super into monster trucks these days and I have to admit, it’s really a lot of fun!  So we packed him up, packed up the car full of snacks and drinks and we made the hour or so drive just to see the Grave Digger!  We are really lucky we live so close and both Tuck and I felt we needed to take the time to seize the opportunity, take a Sunday drive with the windows down and enjoy the time together when he is this little!   Enjoy this time when he his so full of excitement and that wow factor is so fresh and so new!

So we drove and we talked and we laughed!  We parked and Linc was able to “touch touch Digger”!

We came home with a few goodies (of course, how could you not when you are right at diggers dungeon).  We came home and we all napped and then we played in the pool together for the rest of the day.  I’d say that was a pretty perfect if not amazing Father’s Day!

It was more than I could have ever dreamed up and my heart was just so full!  Linc is still talking about the day and I am still thanking God for that day!

We have big muscles, just like those big trucks do!One of my favorites!So sweet, nothing like daddy's encouraging hands!Big hugs for mommy!



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