A Smashing Family Session | Virginia Beach Family and Cake Smash Photographer


What do you get when you have a gorgeous family, a sassy full of personality and love baby girl, a little bit of cake and some amazing light?!  You get a bit of magic!  

I’ve known Berkley since we were little, we grew up in the same neighborhood and I went to school (all schools) with her big brother!  The best part of my job is when I get to reconnect with old friends and seeing Berkley was amazing enough, but seeing her as a mom:  breathtaking!

This family is gorgeous and not just gorgeous on the outside (which they completely are!) but they are gorgeous on the inside and instantly once you meet them and spend even 5 minutes with them you feel like you are a part of the group!  A silly group filled with laughter and fun and inside jokes.  This is a family that supports one another more than 100 percent and respects one another in ways that makes your heart so full!  And then there is Ms. Isabelle:  EVERYONE loves Ms. Isabelle and is totally enamored with her!

And who wouldn’t be?!  This almost 1 year old beauty completely commands the room’s attention and she is soo full of life and spirit and happy sass!  She is fearless and she is spunky!  Everyone wants to surround themselves with her and it is a fight to see who gets to snuggle her, who gets to make her laugh and who gets the most kisses!

I felt truly honored to be able to spend an evening with Berkley’s family!  What started out as a simple family session ended in a super fun family cake smash.  Everyone was involved from cake smashing, to cake eating to sticky, slippery ooey goeey mess after!  No one was left un-iced and everyone had a blast!

This truly was an evening full of family and joy in the way that every family hopes and dreams about!

Here’s a peek at some of my favorites from our evening together!  You can truly feel all the love everyone has for one another and the joy they feel at just being around each other!


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