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June 25, 2014


We’ve been sick:  ALL OF US!  With this awful sinus infection that has last like 3 weeks long!  SO NOT FUN!  Especially not fun in the summer when all you want to do is just go and enjoy the days and long summer evenings of beautiful sunlight!

I can say that these sniffles and hacking coughs haven’t stopped us from soaking all those long sun bathed evenings up and Linc has been going to bed waaay later than usual (bonus he’s been sleeping in way later than usual too, score!)

But all these sick days and all these long evenings have gotten me out of my usual schedule and I’ve been MIA for a bit.  I’ve been kind of stuck and so I’ve been just soaking up my family and trying to regain some inspiration.  I’ve been trying to set some goals for myself and take stock of where I am in my business and figure out where I want to go and how to get there.

Sometimes in order to do that though, you need to pause and see where you are!  So here’s where I am and here are some things you might not know about me!

In my real life:

  • I am slightly addicted to coffee and usually start my day with 2 cups.  The addiction didn’t happen until after Linc was born and somehow that makes me feel better about it all!
  • I am always cold no matter what the temperature is outside!  ALWAYS!  So I usually wear a hoodie or 3/4 sleeves!  It can be 100 outside and I’m still rocking a hoodie!
  • I usually don’t wear make-up, especially in the summer!  I rub my eyes too much and that leads to smudging and that leads to more dark circles under my eyes which makes me look like I have black eyes…. so I just leave it all off!  It’s not glamorous and I probably would look more decent with some mascara and something else but I don’t wear it usually.  (It would also help if I knew how to put make up on properly instead of looking like Linc took a permanent marker and scribbled all over my face too)
  • You can usually find me in yoga clothes!  I teach body flow which is a Les Mills Yoga class… so that’s my excuse!  But let’s be honest here, they are just comfy!  AND because I teach I wear fancy yoga clothes so they look like real clothes anyway! 😉
  • Linc and I usually match our hairstyles!  When I say this I mean he smeared yogurt in his hair during this morning’s breakfast and because I can’t resist a hug or a kiss, he also clumped it in my hair too so now there’s a big ratty yogurt knot in mine!  (at least it makes it smell good?!)
  • I make a million lists every day… and then I lose track of them.  So I make more (of the same list).
  • I am a lover of the heating pad ( and it makes me feel like a little old granny)
  • I laugh a lot and I snort when I do it… sometimes I do the gasp even like my toddler!
  • My loved ones are afraid of me when I eat a buttered biscuit because I can detach my jaw to do it!
  • I have all these ideas for photo sessions and I seek families to help me create the magic in my head!
  • I’m a horrible business woman and my goal for this next year is to learn some skills!

All these little things and so much more help me see where my business is today and also where I want my business to be in the future!  It helps me see who I am in my business and how I can grow to make my business better suit myself and my family!

Sometimes taking stock like this is helpful!  Who are you in your real life?!

Just a few pictures from our usual days:  soaking up the pool, playing with the new family member… paddle board lessons.  Our life is full of  a streaking naked toddler and a zooming blurry mass of a dog!  Dinner is what we scrounge or crock pot and afternoons are splashes and monster truck crashes!

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