E’s Pack… Boy or Girl | Virginia Beach Gender Reveal


Could you wait?!  I mean really, could you wait to find out whether you were having a boy or girl… especially when you already have one of the cutest, sweetest and just the right amount of sassy little girls already?!!

I couldn’t!

We had been planning so many fun things for her gender reveal for such a long time!  My girlfriend is also a photographer and an artist so you can just imagine all the ideas we came up with… sparkly gold dresses, urban settings, fireworks, etc!  When we came to our real senses we ended up planning the perfect little gender reveal involving everything special and unique to their family.

Of course though once you plan, something always comes up and that evening we had storms!  Little ones that passed by, thunder that rolled through and rain showers that down poured then stopped then spit then stopped and kept rolling like that on through the evening.  E and I didn’t let it stop us though, with her crazy travel schedule and the anticipation of what was in that lantern… we just had to know!

So we changed direction and you know, I think it was just perfect!  I laugh because when I think about it it reminds me of that saying… you were born on a dark and stormy night… now E can say you were revealed on a dark and stormy evening!

Here are some of my favorite from our quick little session in their back yard!  Her hubby made the teepee, yea he’s awesome like that!

OOOH I’m so excited… what will it be, boy or girl for big sister Clover?!

Congratulations Clover!  You are going to one fantastic big sis!!!!



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