New Addition


We’ve added on to our family!

And we are so excited for you to meet our newest addition and our GIANT baby girl!

Just to let you know… if you plan on visiting my house anytime soon, I now have two toddlers!  A wild and crazy 26 pounder who loves monster trucks, car crashes, Winnie the Pooh, Slides and splashing in the pool!  My other toddler:  A wild and crazy 65 pounder who believes she is a newborn baby, likes to be held like a newborn baby, runs zoomies around the backyard, talks back to you when you speak to her in baby talk, is a lover of cheese, and will play peek a boo for hours!

Both fight for attention, both want to sit in your lap at the same time, both want to know where the other one is at all times, both are keenly aware of when there is a chance for food to be involved, and both think the world revolves around each other!

They are a dynamic duo for sure and all I need is a set of matching super hero capes for them… and maybe some theme music!

Meet our new girl Tipper!

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