Cheerios, Mango’s, sunshine OH MY! A picnic inspired family session| Virginia Beach Lifestyle Photographer


What’s more perfect than sandy baby toes, mushed up avocados, sticky cheerio fingers, squealing baby giggles mixed in with baby growls and the far distant crashing of waves?!

That is by far my perfect evening!  A warm summers night and my absolute favorite people around!  There is nothing that fills my heart more!

We had the perfect evening for a family session that was inspired by little Jacks!  He is such a wonderful and funny little man with the best of both his momma and daddy in him!  It’s been such an honor and a joy for me to watch him grow and explore and this family session was huge for me!

I’m a pretty emotional personal but seeing one of my best friends become a mom and really she was born to be a momma… it just is a something I can not describe!  This session in particular, I’m not sure what it is about it.  I came home and as I was going through these images I was just bursting with happiness and tears!  To see her grace and beauty as a mom and a wife is breath taking.  To be able to capture how playful she and Kimo are with their son and how happy and crazy and silly Jacks is;  to see how full his little life is already, he is just one incredibly lucky little man!

I’m usually full of words and can openly express my feelings and my thoughts but this is the first time I really find myself unable to find those words to describe what is on my heart.  It’s the first time that I really am unable to express what I felt when I was taking these photos and how incredibly happy and just amazingly beyond lucky I am to be able to be a part of their lives.  I just don’t have the words to express what it means to me to be able to share these moments with them.

It might be hard to understand but when you have known someone as long as I have known Colleen:  almost 25 years now, it becomes a blessing and a privilege to be able still be a part of their lives and see everything that they are and how far they have come and who they are now!  I feel honored to be able to give back to her by capturing these special moments and I feel honored that she let’s me be a part of them!

So enough sappy talk… here are my favorites from our session together!  There are many and if I could have put the whole gallery on here, I would have!

Special Thanks To:

Elizabeth Friske Photography:  Styling and Decorations!  (not only is she an incredible photographer but she happens to have an incredible eye for interior decorating and styling!)

Ashton Keely:  Colleen’s Bracelet

My Sweet Sunshine Moccs:   Jacks Blue Moccs

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