Virginia Beach Family Photographer| A Sunrise Picnic


There isn’t anything more beautiful than the sun rising over the ocean on a warm breezy and peaceful morning… except when you can enjoy it with THIS family!!!

To say I am honored to know them is an understatement!  To say that I adore my time with them is just silly because it goes far beyond and greater than that!

I’ve known Berkley for as long as I can remember.  Her older brother and I have been in the same classes since elementary school and so we all grew up together!  We’ve pretty  much been IN each other’s business for soo long now that it’s fun and funny at the same time!  We were able to reconnect through this wonderful world of photography and images and family portraits and I can’t honestly thank my lucky start enough!

Berkley’s family is undeniably the definition of awesome!  Her WHOLE family!  The family she was born into, the family she has created for herself and the family she has cultivated in her friendships!

When I think about the Lifetime Experience and when I speak from my heart about wanting to BE this lifetime photographer… Berkley always comes to my mind!  She probably always will for so many reasons:  to many to list and too many to explain!

All these though are why when we sit down and come together for a family session, I find myself just lost in it!

Our yearly portrait session this year happened to be a matter of we need to do this now so when can it happen fast so Alex could travel and go and be amazing!  So she could spread her wings a bit and learn and intern and show the world who she is and make her mark!  This girl folks, not only is she stunningly beautiful but she is SMART (all caps kind of smart) and she is going to change the world with that and she’s already doing it as I type right now!  I have no doubt about it.  So this session you see here turned into a beautifully early sunrise session!

A session where it may have chosen them initially, but it was completely meant to be!

It was a beautiful and even though early it was still a lazy kind of morning once everyone arrived and we claimed our little piece of sunrise beach!  There were some interesting people we met along our way but that just added to our fun and playfulness of the morning!

In true nature of how this family rolls all the time, we just played and laughed and relaxed!  It was a morning filled with fun!  A morning filled with lots of laughter and sandy frosting kisses!

A morning that is so perfect for where this family is in this season…

Here are a few of my favorites from our morning on the beach together!

Ohhh girlfriend… these curls kill me!!!

Girlfriend right after my own heart….

And my most favorite…

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