Weekend Re-Cap

June 15, 2015


WHEW ya’ll… Happy Monady!  I have to say I’m actually glad it’s here!  This weekend was a crazy crazy busy one for us!  The kind where you think back and you wonder gosh we are all so exhausted but what actually did we all do?!

Did we do anything… did we do anything special or out of the ordinary to make us all this tired!?

We did nothing out of the ordinary and in fact we just played and swam like we usually do every weekend!  Tuck came home from traveling and his first week with his new job!  Linc was especially excited to see him on Friday since we waited all week!  Tuck comes in and out but he hasn’t been gone any consecutive days since he did that long deployment so I think Linc worried about whether it was going to be for the same amount of time again!

Luckily.. he was home to pick him up from school on Friday!

I ran around like a mad women and it was a great busy, the kind I’m so thankful for because spending time with children and family and photography truly fills my soul!  On the flip side though, the days have been filled to the brim and the nights have been even longer!

I’ve been craving a single night off… just one where we can grill out or sit out in the back yard and put our feet up!  A night even where we can bike ride to our favorite little restaurant with Linc in tow and then after he takes his bath and goes to bed, Tuck and I can prop our feet up and watch a really great movie!

BUT… there are too many things too do, the heat has been too hot to bear to eat outside (after we’ve already been outside all day long swimming) and I can’t sit still for a movie without falling asleep anyway!!

We also invited a new monster into our house… and by monster I mean it’s a real mean monster that I wish would leave!

We’ve been experiencing night terrors!  If you’ve ever experienced a night terror before with your little… PLEASE any suggestions are welcomed!

Here’s what I learned last night:

  • When I was working at the hospital, the little ones would often have Emergence Delerium when they woke from anesthesia.  It was sad and awful at the same time and often, the parents wouldn’t be able to handle it because there was just no helping their child!  At the time, I could understand how upset this made parents and I would be called in to help.  I had “magic” as some parents would call it and I would just patiently wait and whisper gently until it all wore off and the little ones realized where they were and WHO was with them!  THIS is how night terrors are in our house… except this mommy doesn’t have any magic!  When you become a parent there is NOTHING more that you want to do than help your children!  You would go to the ends of the earth and MORE for them… and that’s sometimes the whole crutch of the issue.  I was able to soothe patients in the hospital because they weren’t mine and I wasn’t soo deeply invested!  Last night, my mommy heart broke (and so did my CCLS heart) because I just had to wait until it passed.  I had no magic and I had no secrets… I just had to sit and breathe and watch this play out!  I’m ready to have that magic back now please!
  • Even when you try to stay STRONG as a parent.. NO you will not come into our bed to sleep EVER… because it’s just no good.. you will break!  Linc is a persistant kiddo and if you give him the tiniest little inch, he will RUN with that!!!  Last night… he came into our bed and he stayed! Tonight should be interesting!
  • Two boys in a kind size bed = smelly, snorey, hogging, kicking, punching and a LOT of waking up for this momma!  PLUS… I didn’t need the blankets last night and I’m always cold but with these two gents it was like having a furnace inside the bed!
  • There is nothing to do but laugh when you little one wakes up in the morning and says to you… WAIT where’s MY bed?!


So if you see me today… in public.. I’m looking a little rough! I also feel a little rough too but it’s all good!  I like to use the word Mombie… I’ve got my coca-cola and my plans are to spend this day indoors editing my heart away!!

Linc feels great this morning and he’s a happy little camper which is more than I could ask for!

I think I’ll suffer a little as long as he’s happy and in a good mood… just ask Tuck if he feels the same!  I think he might have taken a few head butts last night!



  1. Darlene says:

    my sister in law gave my nephew a special “magic monsters ring” that worked for them. I also have heard of “Special” spray for the room! Good luck, isn’t it amazing how they wake up in the morning like nothing has happened?

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