Virginia Beach, Virginia Maternity Photographer | Elizabeth and Paul


When I was talking with Liz about her upcoming session, I knew right away we were, “meant to be”!  Liz is amazing!  She is fun (and funny) and her personality just comes through no matter if you are in person with her or not!  She’s the kind of girl that you know right away you just want to be friends with!  She’s outgoing, she’s fun and she’s totally down to earth!

Liz is totally genuine and radiant and funny!  Our time together at our session was nothing less than perfect!  We had the perfect evening filled with sunshine and just a slight cool breeze that carried the salty ocean air over to us wherever we were!  We traveled all over the area that night and just enjoyed each other’s company!

Liz and Paul are so amazing together!  They truly are bonded together and can laugh with each other without even saying a word!  I love how Paul can get this look in his eyes that makes Liz laugh out loud and ya’ll… she has an amazing laugh that comes from within her soul!

I truly enjoyed every second of our evening together!  I loved walking with them and capturing their love for one another and their anticipation over Baby Ben!

These two are going to be fantastic parents and I know their house will be filled so much love, laughter and playful memories!

There isn’t much more I could say that these pictures won’t convey better!  You can honestly feel the love between these two so I will let the images speak the words I can not express!

Thank you both for letting me spend such a fun and beautiful evening with you!  I can’t WAIT to meet Ben and continue to document these gorgeous family moments for you!

Liz: you are absolutely stunning!  You are silly and care free and radiantly beautiful!  Paul, you are one lucky man my friend!


OHHH Liz… girl you are sooo beautiful!  These are some of my favorite images!  I asked Liz to give me some top model poses (you know, the ones that are super hard to even explain because it’s like… exhale but part your lips kind of deal) and she totally rocked them out!!!!  STUNNING GIRLFRIEND!!!  ROCK STAR!!!

We had some time before sunset and I really wanted Liz in that white dress in the ocean but we took a mini break and Liz and Paul had a moment to just relax and rest!  This was one of those moments where they just were relaxing to themselves and well… I adore it!

And then.. we put the white dress back on and we went down to the water for my favorite time of the day/evening ever… when the water and the sky almost mix colors!

Thank you Liz and thank you Paul for allowing me to capture this time for you!

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