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The Motherhood Journals| An Introduction

June 5, 2015


Are you ready…. because there are times that I feel I might burst from my heart ready to introduce this very special project of mine to you!

Am I ready?! because this is something that has my full heart and I’ve waited so long wanting it to be so perfect, but that’s just it REAL and NOW is better than perfect ever will be!

It all began one night while Tuck and I were doing the dishes!  I had been praying to the Lord to use me for His purpose!  I love photography and after sharing my story with postpartum depression I had begun to realize that there was a deeper meaning and pull with my photography;  there was a way that I could use it and connect it with my love for mother’s and this crazy unconditional love/bond we have with our children.  I had been praying and hoping and needing to serve a greater purpose:  HIS purpose.

It hit me drying dishes one night:  all my prayers and askings hit me with one answer:  document that bond and those stories, ALL OF THEM!  Document them in a way that is raw and real and through the words of mother’s themselves… all mothers in every stage of motherhood!  Let them tell their stories as you have told yours and allow them to see the beauty in their journey so far.  Let them hold those stories with images of their family that are candid and beautiful and in their own definition of who they are as mother’s.  And in the end, put each story together side by side in a beautiful legacy for each mother to hold anytime she needs!  Bring these mother’s together in a way that can be shared again and again and passed on for future generations to share and grow and lean on!

The Motherhood Journals

As mother’s our beauty is unmatched!  I believe it comes from somewhere so deep and shines so bright from within that it can’t help but shine on the outside as well!  Our true beauty comes from our ability to love so unconditionally and so selflessly!  Even in the depths of exhaustion and sleepless nights, temper tantrums and last minute ‘to do’s that crop up out of nowhere… we are breath takingly beautiful with or without our makeup!  We don’t ever need to have the perfect hair, the perfect clothes or outfit and our mascara could always be running but to those around us we will always be radiant and stunning!

We are Mothers:  we hold treasures and secrets that know no value!  Our hearts are heavy with love that we never knew could possibly exist!  They ache and break and love all at the same time!

We have stories to tell about adventures, success, challenges, wins and sometimes such heart break that doesn’t seem fathomable!

Stories that should be brought to life and honored!  Stories that should be celebrated!  Stories that should be heard and documented so that it might live on and be passed on to other mothers!

Stories that could build a community and have purpose!

This is the goal of the Motherhood Journals!

Let’s share our stories!  Let’s celebrate our love and our connect our hearts!

Let’s celebrate our wins together and share in our victories and adventures!  Let’s cheer for one another and get to know each other on a real level, a raw level that is vulnerable and says… this is me and this is my story!

To honor this, even though you know me and most my story I wanted to kick us off!

Each Journal Entry comes with a lifestyle session!  A RAW lifestyle session!  I want these to mean something to you so we would discuss what or when you feel is the most meaningful moments in motherhood to you!  What you feel at this time are the most special everyday motherhood moments!  For me it only made sense that I would feel the most at home playing in the mud with Linc.  It’s something we do every day and it’s something I cherish and will always remember.  God placed this little boy into my life so that I would learn more about myself, the world, how to love and how to serve!  He knew being Lincoln’s mother would teach me how to be a better human being and He gave me the best gift by giving me this little human!  Our time in the mud is the time where I can appreciate this little boy the most for all that he is and at night when I lay in bed, I thank the Lord for those sweet moments of messy play!

So with the exception of telling my story because I have told it so often and this is not about me today… here is a sneak about what a Journal Entry would look like…




If you are interested in being a part of The Motherhood Journals and sharing YOUR story and helping to create a community of mother’s who are real, raw and inspiring…

please don’t hesitate to contact me   BROOKETUCKERPHOTO@GMAIL.COM


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

  1. Emily says:

    ummmmm you’re amazing and I need to meet you!!! I love this!!!!

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