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Happy Thursday Everyone!

This morning, I had an entirely different post scheduled!  I was going to share a gorgeous family session that brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh out loud… like really loud!

Instead, I’m going to share that session with you tomorrow!

I woke up this morning and received a text… well we’d been already texting this morning super early!  That’s what BFF’s do… you just understand that a text at 7 am is OK!

This particular text in a series of “we share the same brain” texts, made me stop in my tracks… “DUDE, I just published something raw and scary!”

I immediately tuned my world out and pulled up her blog on my phone!  She wasn’t kidding, my friend who is soft spoken and often doesn’t usually spill her guts out onto screen did just that!

She poured her heart out about WHY photography means so incredibly much to hear and she does so with such grace and poise!  She made my eyes well with tears because her story reminds us all that although our stories are different and we come from different backgrounds we are still connected by something so powerful… the need to hold on and remember the ways we love and have been loved!

So this morning… if you have a moment, I encourage you to read her post!

It’s so beautifully written and talks about HER story!  HER why beginning with her family and how they have inspired her to capture love and moments of love in photographs!

It’s about so much more than photography though friends:  It’s about marriage, it’s about love and hard work and it’s about holding on to something greater than ourselves!

Check it out!





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