Weekend Re-Cap

May 26, 2015


Happy Tuesday Friends, even though it feels like a Monday right!

I hope everyone had a very wonderful, and very long weekend!  I hope you got some rest, caught up on some family time or time with those you loved and re-feuled your heart for the weeks ahead!

That’s exactly what we did over here!  That’s also why it’s Tuesday NIGHT that I’m posting instead of Tuesday MORNING!

Some times you just have to live and enjoy life.. and so that’s what this post is all about!  Yes… it’s a weekend re-cap, because let me be completely honest here:  this blog post is the one blog post during the week where I feel like I get to just CHAT with ya’ll!  It’s like a legit conversation that each of us could be having one on one with each other at a starbucks in the morning, or at a deli for lunch (for me I would love to go out to sushi with you!) or tonight rather because it is the evening.. maybe over a coke (because we know I love it) and some hummus and tzatiki!   I do have some fresh that my neighbor growing up dropped off to my momma and me last night!

It’s a chance that I get to really connect with you on a super basic level.. Hi, I’m Brooke and here is my life and this is what we did this weekend!  I’m not necessarily a photographer in these posts!  I’m just me:  a mom, a wife, a lover of Christ!  Ha that rhymed!  I’m the same clutzy awkward girl I’ve always been who is a slight homebody and enjoys soaking up the days with my family doing anything and everything we can do as long as it’s together!

I’m also the girl that loves a good LONG story and a good, long winded chat!

So while I love these posts for that reason alone and I want to do that with you tonight;  I also really gained a lot from this weekend and I want to share that with you too!

so.. let’s just Do This Thing (said in the voice of Linguine from Ratatouille)

What DID we do this weekend… a whole lot of swimming in our pool!  Yep.. we swam, we ate outside, we swam some more!  We loaded ourselves with sunscreen so we looked like little zombies and we just played!

We also..

  • Took Linc to see the Grave Digger before a super fun birthday party on Saturday!  Little bit of mom facts for ya on this one!  Don’t ever SAY you are going to the grave digger and digger’s dungeon if you don’t plan to stay longer than 10 minutes!  We were running late (of course)  and our party started at 1.  I actually wanted to get there kind of on time and the Digger was farther than I originally thought.  I made my boys promise (duh mom mistake number one) to only spend like 15 minutes at the Digger.  EPIC FAIL MOMMY!  MELT DOWN CITY!  I seriously think someone might have called social services on us because it may have looked like we stole Linc and he was not our child!  He was sooo upset that it was like a straight jacket melt down moment in the car on the 15 minute drive back to the party!  I had to sit in the back to make sure he wasn’t houdining out of his car seat!  We couldn’t even understand him… something about listening and the digger and tires!  WOAH!
  • Linc’s friend Brody’s birthday party.. EPIC AWESOMENESS!  Mommy moment here too:  bounce houses cure all tantrums!  As soon as we pulled up to the neighborhood you could see the bounce house and all of a sudden the tears and grumpiness lifted as Linc went.. meeeehhhhh BOUNCE HOUSE?!  Emphasis happy inflection in his voice on the last two words!  It was a choose your own super hero identity party and it was awesome!  Linc’s been running around the house since then in his spidey cape and mask saving the world, and Tipper (who sometimes I guess might even be the villian!)
  • I actually got to read some of my book!  That is a mommy win!  I”m reading “If you find this letter” and it’s AMAZING!  I have a passion for writing and if you are like me, you need to RUN to your bookstore, or kindle and get this book immediately!  I am inspired to start writing hand written notes again and spread love and encouraging words to everyone I met!  You will be too…

Here’s where my learning moments came in this weekend…

There are so many opportunities that we are given to just appreciate all we have through the wonderful and the challenging!  As women especially there are so many opportunities we have to lift one another up and encourage and support one another with just one simple kind word!

Sometimes that is all it takes for ANY of us:  to know that we matter, that we exist and are seen (as Hannah puts it in this book of hers).

We all want to feel connected, that’s just human nature!

What happened to going out of our way and thinking of others before our selves?!  That type of mind set and culture is a way of an older day and we need (and I say need boldly for a purpose) to bring that back friends!

This world we live in today is a crazy one!  It is filled with so much chatter and so many places where we can’t always escape that chatter!

Let’s get together and start making sure that when we are speaking to those we love, those around us and sometimes those we even just pass by… that we can be that chatter or that voice for just a second of the day to speak something positive, bright or happy!

Do a good deed for someone just because you can!  Speak a kind word to someone because you can and it feels good!

Do it because YES we ARE all connected…

There is something greater than us friends!

I want to be that helping hand always out in offer!  I realized there is a part of me in this photography world that goes back and forth with some things and it is because I have this deep love for people!  That is to be celebrated… and I want to bring that to MORE people!

I want to leave love letters like Hannah did… but maybe I will do in the way of a photograph!~

So you know what.. here it goes.. if you have made it this far in this post!  If you have stuck with me this long!  THIS is my promise to you… just like in her book “If you find this letter”

I promise that if you need a love letter… if you need encouragement… I will write you a letter!  Not only that.. I will tangibly give you something to hold on to like I held during the days of deployment!

I will send you an image.. a bright image within a love letter!

Something to remind you that we are all here together!  That we are all connected that we all need the same things!  We all need love and support and encouragement!  We all need light and laughter!  More importantly, we all just need to know that there are others like us out here in this world!

Will you join me?  Do you need a letter?

Send an e mail


  1. April Williams says:

    So great. So true. I get and give handwritten notes frequently and looove it. I am glad I happen to have friends where that is not a total lost form of communication 🙂

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