Friday Introductions!!!

May 22, 2015


Hey Hey Hey (said in the voice of Mr. Albert… I hate calling him fat albert, it seems really mean!)

Over on instagram, there’s a little thing called “Friday introductions”!  It’s for all the new friends and new faces that have popped on over so they get to know who you are a bit!

Instead of instagramming this Friday intro, I thought I would blog it instead and share a little bit with all the new faces who have joined the blog too!

I am soo incredibly thankful for all the new friends and all the love shared here!  Sometimes I am even overwhelmed and blow away by it… you guys are amazing:  you rock, you fill me up and you inspire me ALL THE DANG TIME!  BOOM!  But seriously, without your hearts and your fearlessness when it comes to sharing your stories, your hearts and your true/raw moments with me, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love so much!  So thank you!

Sooo for all my new friends and all the new faces (and my friends that I have loved and loved me for a long time now) here are some things you might not know about me!!!

I’m Brooke… and I am a children and family lifestyle photographer!  I am a momma and wife and lover of the Lord FIRST and photographer second!  There were days and are still days that the only thing that keeps me running are the love and support and encouragement from my husband, family and photography wife Elizabeth Friske!  AND a coke that’s been made into a slurpee in the freezer… and dorittos and SUSHI!!  Possible all that masked together into a delicious and unhealthy meal!

As is says in my website blurb:  We live for the sunny days and salty ocean air!  I live at the beach and I am so thankful for those ocean waves (even though Linc panics still when he gets near them!)  He’s a surfer boy at heart but big waves not so much!

The mud is his life force and we are constantly digging, squishing and mud bathing/baking in the sun!

Photography is how I learned to appreciate everything I had and live for the REAL life:  the messy life, the chaotic life and OUR life!  Photography gave me the gift of letting go of perfection and learning that REAL is the best life.  That raw moments are the real moments and scars, tears, struggle and vulnerability are the beauty marks of our souls!

God graces us with amazing moments… photography allows me to hold on to those moments so I can remember to be thankful and appreciate every second I have!

Here are some random facts that you don’t know about me:  even if you have known me for years:

  • I love the water but I hate drinking it!  I carry a water bottle because I’m constantly dehydrated but drinking water makes me feel like I’m drowning!  I can barely do it and I have to force myself!  Yet a coke, I can down!!!
  • I’m super awkward and really accident prone BUT I was a dancer for most of my life and whenever there is music played I can pull out some pretty difficult balance moves.  I still have my pointe shoes from my ballet days and when Linc is at school, I put on crazy music (like audio machine or instrumental music from dark knight and create these elaborate ballet routines in my foyer!)  Once a dancer always a dancer!
  • I actually HATE vegetables unless they are roasted and squishy and sucked of all nutrients!  I am trying to eat them but unless they are over cooked or orange (carrots, sweet potatoes, butter nut squash) I have to really force them down!
  • I don’t feel like I truly knew myself until I became Linc’s mother and now I’m more comfortable with myself:  looks, personality and truly totally acceptance now that I’ve really accepted my role as a mother!
  • I love people and I am rather out going but I am actually a total homebody and I need time to myself BY myself almost every day!
  • I feel things to the extreme measure:  I love deeply, I cry at the drop of a hat, my feelings get hurt easily and I’m super sensitive!  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I always want to do whatever I can for those around me!  At the same time that means sometimes I am quick to anger but quick to forgive too!

What are some things no one quite knows about you?!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  What are your plans for the holiday weekend?!!!!


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