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Timing is a funny thing!  It has a way of working itself out on it’s own schedule, not when we want it to.  Usually it seems like it’s all wrong or funny or ironic, but in the end when you look back timing is usually kind of spot on and perfect.

This was the case when we started planning our family session with this incredible family!  We had it all set and planned last year but so many things kept coming up or getting in the way.  Illness struck a few times, weather came and went that prevented us all from getting to where we wanted to be but in the end timing just happened to work out perfect!

Almost a year later we all came together at Courtney’s family house on the water and we all just played and laughed and spent an evening of fun together!  It was a family session that I live for and one that I will never ever forget!

I truly felt blessed to spend just a few hours with this beautiful and close family!  A family that loves God and loves one another in a way that you can truly see and feel!

A little bit about Courtney according to her family:  She’s beachy, and she active but she loves the quiet too.  She’s very social and she loves her family (although sometimes she wishes her family would be a teeny bit quieter!)

A little bit about Tim (from Courtney):  He’s fun and traditional.  He’s thoughtful and he keeps our family smiling!  He’s very family focused!

A little bit about Taylor (6 years old):  He loves swimming, legos and water guns!  He’s fun loving and silly!  He’s thoughtful, sensitive and carefree!

A little bit about William (4 years old):  He loves swimming and go karts!  He loves to fish and loves t-ball!  He is helpful, quiet, impulsive (sometimes), loves to hug, loves to smile and is the most dapper of all the boys!

A little bit about Benjamin (2 years old):  Loves anything that his brothers are into!~  Loves to play with cars and trucks.  He is loud and never wants to miss a single thing!  He is happy and very conversational and always very busy!

How fun is this family?!  Right!!!!  And now probably one of the most amazing couples I have EVER met and will ever meet!

Dr. Hubbard (according to Courtney):  He’s sentimental and traditional.  He’s very hoard working.  He’s a republican which is important to him.  He loves hid bride and his family very much!

Mrs. Hubbard (Candy):  She loves her boys (her grandkids!)  She loves her horse and she is very traditional and very family focused and faith focused as well.

I’ve never met two people more in love… fresh in love!  Dr. Hubbard always wanted to know where his girl was and it touched my heart in a way that reminded me we should always appreciate our loved ones.  Even as newly weds we don’t appreciate one another the way this couple truly appreciated each other!  We often take our loved ones for granted but not Dr. and Mrs. Hubbard!  They love each other with 100 percent of their hearts, 100 percent of the time without fail!  It was really moving and something I will always remember for the rest of my life.  Something I hope to be able to apply to my marriage every day from here on out!


We left the dock and switched things up from popsicles and treats to a little dip in the pool!  The boys had a blast jumping in and showing me all their amazing tricks!   Tim broke out the water guns and things really got exciting then!  It was such a fun way to end the night!

I enjoyed these boys so much!  I even put my camera down and jumped in on some of the water fun!

Thanks guys for such an incredible night!  Courtney and Tim you have an INCREDIBLE family!  I can’t wait to see you guys again!  Taylor, William and Benjamin… next time I’m coming with my own little water surprise… so BE READY!!! MWAHHHHAHAHAHAAH!

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