Little Mia Moo | Virginia Beach Cake Smash Photographer


Little Mia came over on a Sunday morning and completely stole my heart!

I’m a HUGE fan of cake smash sessions; they happen to be one of my favorites!  But as much as I love cake smashes, sometimes the adorable little models just aren’t as excited as I am once we get started.  If you really think about it, the whole thing has to be a little weird for them.  We tell them all the time not to smash things, or throw things and then here we are letting them play with their food and encouraging the smashing and throwing and eating!  Plus we let them do it on the floor and not in the typical food acceptable places!

Mia though, she was ALL about the cake smash!  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous (I mean come on, those eyes!!!) but she was completely IN to this session!

We set up a completely girlie shoot with a barbie pink background! I even brought out Linc’s little chevron rocker so we could get a few of little Mia while she was so fresh and clean in her pink little tutu with multi-colored pom poms!

The BEST part about Mia Moo’s cake smash was that her interest never lost it’s hold!  At first she loved exploring the cake and clapping it around the paper and smearing it around her hands!  She loved to dig at the frosting with her spoon and picking off each of the colorful sprinkles.  The BEST part though was when she realized she could actually eat the cake!  Her facial expressions were priceless as she gobbled up bites of the delicious blue inside and the sweet sugary frosting!

Mia, you were a gorgeous little model with so many different expressions!  Your mommy and I had a BLAST watching you explore and dance all around that morning!  Thank you for all the giggles you gave us and I can’t wait to see you grow this next year!

Here are a few of my favorite from our session together!  Mia kept running back and forth from the backdrop to her momma for cake covered kisses and frosting hugs!  But she didn’t stay too long in her momma’s arms while the cake awaited her smashing!

  1. Victoria Koenig says:

    Ahhhh! As I said, I’m obsessed!!!! Thank you for being so incredible – we are going to cherish these pictures forever!

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