What I’m most thankful for and 52 portrait update


Last week was just one of those weeks you know!  Do you ever have  those weeks where anything and everything that could go wrong does go wrong!  And it doesn’t just go wrong, it goes epically wrong!

We had one of those epically wrong weeks last week where I just kept thinking, please can I go back to bed and get a do over!

But the greatest things about having those kind of weeks (or days even) is that when everything settles and clears, you learn just how much you do have to be grateful for!  You see how much of your just plain old everyday you really should appreciate.

I’m a brand new mom and I think I will keep that title of brand spanking new, “newbie still trying to figure it out” new mom until Linc’s probably waay into his teen years.  Heck probably until I’ve sent him packing off to college or even later! I say this because I still haven’t grasped the concept of letting go.  I never realized that I love to live by a schedule and have a plan for my day and if something changes… I kind of freak out a bit.  Having a baby changes all that.  You just simply can not have a stead fast schedule!  You have to be willing to be flexible and bend and go with the flow.  You have to be willing to change from plan A to plan B and even to plan Z if the need arises.  I’m still learning to switch my plan A to plan B… and not grit my teeth!

I’m learning, I’m still a work in progress!

Last week taught me more than anything about appreciating the process!  As much as I am Lincoln’s teacher and guide and protector… he is mine!  Last week taught me to appreciate all the little things I get to learn from him.  He teaches me about being in the moment and loving whatever the moment might be just for it is.  He guides me in learning to let go bit by bit… to let go, let loose and just breathe!  He protects my heart and my soul by helping me see the fun in life and living again through his curious and adventurous eyes!  Last week helped me remember all that.

Last week also taught me to appreciate all the little moments I have with him… big, small, tough and wonderful!  It taught me that the tough moments are some of the moments that looking back I will probably love and be thankful for the most.

So when the end of the weekend came (or the beginning of the new week began however you see it) and Sunday rolled around… that blustery, FRIGID cold Sunday… I took a moment to reflect on our crazy, awful, no good week!  I reflected, and then I wrote myself a note that I posted on the side of my bed.  It’s just a small note reminding me to be grateful for all the little things I’m learning as a new mother.  To appreciate all the moments that are given to the two of us as mother and son and as a family of three.  That with each week:  beautiful or challenging, there are still seconds of grace and wonder and magic.

I taped that note right where I could feel it when I roll out of bed in the morning and right where I would notice it as I put my book to rest as I go to sleep at night.

I taped that note Sunday afternoon, and then I joined my family outside in the frigid cold weather for a game of ball and a few pictures!

I’m so thankful for each day with this little boy!  He’s getting to be so big and so playful.  He is ALL boy and he is a wonderful, crazy handful.  He’s the best mix of Tuck and I; and there are days that I still can’t believe he’s ours to keep!


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