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OH HEY there ya’ll!  It’s been a while there and I have to say it FEELS GOOD to take a break guys… like real good!  Sometimes you just need to do that:  take a nice good long break from things!  That way when you come back you feel refreshed, grateful and ready to be BACK!  […]

Hula Hooping Through Life

Family Ones

Florida child and family photographer brooke tucker

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I have a love/hate relationship with social media but one of the things that I do love about it is seeing families together and all these super fun halloween posts these last few days! Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE and October is usually my best time of year.  This year, however… October brought many different […]

Our Crazy Halloween


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There is nothing that screams summer more to me than underwater photography!  Ok maybe it’s the wrinkled squishy little fingers, the smell of sunscreen, the forever imprinted goggle marks and the runny drippy goodness of ice cream and popsicles melting into those beautifully bright colored bathing suits!  I just LOVE summer!  I love it forever […]

We Got No Troubles, Life is The Bubbles!


underwater photography, orlando child and family photographer brooke tucker