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Florida child and family photographer brooke tucker

OH HEY there ya’ll!  It’s been a while there and I have to say it FEELS GOOD to take a break guys… like real good!  Sometimes you just need to do that:  take a nice good long break from things!  That way when you come back you feel refreshed, grateful and ready to be BACK!  I feel like we need to do this in ALL areas of our life, not just with social media things (but like especially with social media things) but other things that sometimes we get “stuck” in or make us feel competitive or not bring us joy ALL THE TIME.

Lately, in our little corner of the world we are in a season that is bringing of lots of changes and transitions!  I feel like we are kind of hula hooping through life right now:  Sometimes we got that rhythm going and we are JAMMING… and other times we think we are in sync and then the hula hoop drops out of nowhere… you know that feeling right?!  Especially as parents!

Ya’ll parenting is the GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD… and then sometimes it can also been so hard, like so hard!!!  Which is why I kind of love the hula hoop analogy:  hula hooping is addicting 😉  And no matter what age you are, you either rock it (literally) those hips don’t lie and you got it going on!  And then the next minute, no one quite really knows what happens but that hoop drops and the best thing you can do is laugh, pick the hoop right back up and keep going!

That’s kind of how parenting is:  you do what is best for your kiddo and family!  Each and every single day is different (thank goodness for that right!)

Somedays you nail it!  And you feel soo soo good!  Those are the days we celebrate!

Other days that parenting hoop drops and you have no idea why!  Those days can feel so hard.  Those days can feel defeating as parents.

But the only thing to do is pick that hoop right back up and keep on rocking those hips!!  The only thing to do is start fresh that next morning.

One thing I keep telling myself over and over again is that we are all in this hula hoop circle together!  

We all got this and no matter whether our hoops are up, no matter whether our hula hoops have dropped… we are ALL doing a pretty darn amazing job just keeping at it!  We all want what is best for our kiddos and at the end of the day, that love is enough!

So where ever you are today:   please know:  you are doing awesome!  

Keep on hooping friend!!!

florida child and family photographer brooke tucker



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