Our Crazy Halloween


I have a love/hate relationship with social media but one of the things that I do love about it is seeing families together and all these super fun halloween posts these last few days!

Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE and October is usually my best time of year.  This year, however… October brought many different challenges our way!

But despite the crazy October, and the stitches that landed us in the hospital emergency room the Sunday before Halloween, we had a super fun and laid back trick or treat!  Honestly, that was all I wanted!

When I was growing up, Halloween was incredible!  I couldn’t wait for it all year long and I still get butterflies in excitement now as an adult.  I think it’s partly because my childhood neighborhood knew exactly how to celebrate halloween!  My dad and our neighbor would take all the kids out and we would rule the neighborhood!  There was so much more to halloween than just trick or treating.  We had parties in the cul de sac’s and activities and it was a true chance to see and catch up with all the families in our neighborhood.

When I had Linc, I worried about how halloween would play out because the world is such a different place now.  It’s not as safe anymore and things are just not the same.  I wanted him to be able to have the same feelings and experiences that I did on Halloween:  fun, adventure, the magic of play and most importantly a sense of community pride and spirit!

Now that we have moved to Celebration, I have to say there is nothing like this town when it comes to celebrations and halloween is no exception!  This town goes ALL OUT from the decorations, the partying, the trick or treat stations with treats and tricks hot dogs and popcorn, to the block party we always feel like we are at while we dance through the streets!

Although we missed our biggest Mario (daddy) thanks to a last minute trip out of town, this halloween was exactly what Linc and I needed after a hectic month!

We walked around with friends of ours and Ivan and I kept chatting about how amazing it is to live in a town where there is so much spirit and celebration (no pun intended).

In our little town, families dress up together!  Our town is small so we all just break out the strollers and the back packs and walk around in costume together~  It’s like one big mass of super hero’s, princess dress and gory creepy creatures!

Families choose to get bused in to our neighborhood because it’s just that cool!

For us, this halloween wasn’t really about the candy… Linc hardly chose to get any and we haven’t even looked at what is in his pillow case yet.  He was more excited to see his friends, kiss all the dogs he was allowed to touch that were in costume and dance in the cul de sac where the DJ sets up each year.

And for me:  it was the perfect ending to a very strange and hectic month!

I have to say… I think he was one of the cutest little Mario’s around!




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