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Conferences, Workshops, WPPI, Mentoring, Coaching… it’s all AMAZING!

It’s also soo needed once you get to a certain part as a business owner and photographer.

We need community.  We need to lift one another up and help inspire each other to go after what we want and keep pursuing our dreams.

This is why continuing education is so important!

Creatives need to get together so we can literally get the buzz off one another and feel those warm fuzzies that we all started out with!

This year, I have decided to set a really strict budget for my business!  Tuck and I are really looking hard at what’s coming in and what’s going out.  We are trying to streamline our tasks and get organized!

Last year and the year before I did a one on one mentoring session with Katelyn James!  I can not even begin to tell you how LIFE CHANGING this experience was for me both personally and professionally.

Seriously, life changing!  (ya’ll she is just an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out!)  I can’t even!!!!

So this year, education wasn’t even on my radar.  I was completely focused on working and sessions and building The Lifetime Experience (more on that to come friends!)

That was until I heard about this… The Creative at Heart Conference!!!

When the women got back from the first round of this conference, the talk was overwhelming!

I had to know more!  I had to talk to Tuck!

We sat down and I realized, I needed to do this.

I am a firm believer (now) in setting priorities and wants vs. needs.  I set my list and we were really sticking to it.  Sometimes though, every once in a while and opportunity comes up and you just know you are meant to be there!

So midnight last night, Tuck and set our alarm! We got up, registered for the conference (EEEK), I squealed out a loud HOORAH and then we climbed groggily back into bed!

I’m so excited that I am actually going to Creative at Heart!

I can’t even begin to say enough or describe this conference to you.  Not enough to do it justice.

Think about women coming together and learning about creating community and relationships!  Talking together about how to make a business that is meaningful and lasting and about something MORE than just business!!!

And the speakers…. OK Go check out their line up:  Katelyn James, Lauren Hooker and Mary Marantz just to name a few!

Friends… if you are looking for some inspiration maybe this is for you too!!

Are you looking for something to kick start your year?!  Please, go check out this conference and reserve your spot.  I would love to see you there!


P. S.

Check back next week to see a new series all about the LIFETIME EXPERIENCE and why I created it.  It’s personal (far beyond anything I would ever dream of sharing)!


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