Let’s talk about time and how it relates to photography!

1.5 hours is the time it takes usually for me to shoot a session (give a little more padding on the half hour side of that sometimes)

3 days to 7 days depending on the length and nature of the session is the amount of time for your gallery link to be sent to you

Never ending time it takes to master the art of photography (which is amazing and what I love most!)

Zero amount of time to actually savor the moments as they are happening… unless we capture them in the camera!

I know I’ve been writing about this so much lately but this is what I’m living right now!  It’s what my friends are living right now!  It’s what we are all living right now!

Our moments are just happening so incredibly fast and what’s so crazy is that they don’t feel fast!  In fact sometimes and some days they feel like they are dragging!  But then when you try to remember a moment from a month ago or just a short time ago it feels like you just can’t believe it!

For example…

This adorable little guy is my best friend’s baby!  Linc loves him like a brother and they may as well be cousins!  This was an impromptu little Valentines day sesh we did one weekend!

Now this was taken just seriously a few months back…

I mean he has changed SO MUCH in just a few months!  Now I know that newborns tend to do that and that is why pictures their first year of life are absolutely a must every few months.  It’s why my first steps package includes sessions every three months!

When you really think about it though it’s not just newborns that change so quickly… time has a way of changing everyone and everything!  Time changes all of our moments and makes them so hard to hold on to!  Our memories are fickle and they fade with time.

Photography is an important blessing and tool that we have to help us hold on to our memories, savor our moments, document our changes!

What have you noticed time changing?  What was your moment where you sat down and thought “woah… I just can’t remember a time when…”

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