Goals and Hair Braids

May 24, 2023

finding community in photography


The past two days I’ve been subbing at my son’s school! I love being able to sub because unlike last year, I can pop in and out when it feels good (without the burn out or the emotional attachment of the enneagram 2 that I am). Plus bonus: I get to teach in all different kinds of grades and classrooms.

Yesterday I woke up and forgive me if this totally grosses you out, but I was EXHAUSTED (read this post to understand the whole debacle and why the exhaustion was real!) and just wanted to sleep in. I knew it was going to be one of those take a shower AFTER school days so I needed to do something with my baby fine hair.

For those of you who have baby fine hair, you get me. All my friends who have gorgeous, thick hair (I secretly hate you, j/k) but gosh you won the hair lottery.

For us fine haired girls, if we don’t wash our hair, and I can only speak for myself… if we don’t put it up in some kind of amazing up do, it will separate and look like we have bald spots! Lord have mercy. So I knew I was going to have to BEG someone at school to braid my hair!

I can do braids ya’ll, on anyone other than myself! If I try to do a braid on myself, the right side looks like someone came at me with with a knitting needle and tried to pull the braid out and then knit it back together but ended up knotting it instead! Luckily I have lots of beautiful teacher friends who can braid and are willing to come to my rescue!

That’s the best part about community! When we need help, whether it’s because we are braid challenged, or need help with accountability, or maybe it’s a project or a goal… our friends are there to help us! All we have to do is ask!

Sometimes, though, the asking part is hard. The really real hard part.

While I was getting my hair braided yesterday morning, I realized just how easy it is for me to ask for help in some areas of my life yet so difficult to ask for help in my business!

I can easily text a friend at 6 am to beg them to braid my hair like a child but why can’t I call someone and ask them to help hold me accountable for a goal I set in my photography business?!

Why is asking for help so hard sometimes?

I recently heard the amazing Julie Vorhis talk about goals. She said she doesn’t have time for people who play it small. She said we need to set goals for ourselves. I have big goals! But I get stalled. Sometimes I just don’t know what the next step might be or even how to take the next step.

It’s just like trying to braid my own hair. I KNOW how to do it but when I start trying my fingers fumble and I get lost and tangled. I know it would be so easy to phone in a friend and just ask for help, but for some odd reason I talk myself out of it.

Raise your hand if you do this too!

I know this is what community is for! I want to be a part of a community that I can call on like I can call on my teacher friends at 6 am to braid my hair. I just want it for my photography business dreams.

You see I know that a tribe like that can see the angles that we can’t. It might be easier for them to take the strands and start weaving, to give us the ideas or a way forward until we can find the way forward ourselves!

We just need to make that call!

Better yet: we need to allow ourselves that grace to make the call and understand that it takes a community and a village!

This business is hard! Reaching for our BIG DREAMS can be hard! It’s intricate, just like a beautifully woven braid. The beauty lies in the details and it doesn’t matter if you get there all by yourself or if you phone a friend at 6 in the morning. As long as you get there friend!

So if you want to build this kind of tribe and community with me, I’d love for you to e mail me! I’d love to chat with you! Let’s connect and start holding each other accountable for these big dreams that we have!

Want to travel with your camera: let’s figure out how we do that… together!

Want to break into a new branch of photography: Let’s strategize!

Are you brand new to photography and looking to gain more knowledge: Let’s meet up and share tips and tricks of the trade!

Whatever it is that you need to accomplish that big goal of yours… let’s get some extra hands in there to help you weave that braid!

7 magic mountain community over competition

Find a tribe, find friends, find your joy, meet your goals! Let me be a part of yours! I promise, together we are better!

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