5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Mini Sessions Before Summer Kick Off!

May 25, 2023

5 reasons to schedule your mini session in early summer


5 reasons to schedule your mini session in early summer

It’s the busiest time of year right now: It’s chaos! School is bananas! Sports are winding down which means tournaments or last minute games and parties! If you are a teacher, I bow down to you and I thank you especially if you are also a mom! I know you are hanging by a thread!

I know your brain is on overload right now. Trust me, mine is too! How many more lunches can I pack?! What day is today?! Are we having a party?! Is it an SOL day today?! Did I make a well balanced breakfast? According to my child who barely eats anything in the mornings that needs to include eggs, pancakes AND BACON AND FRUIT! What?!

So I know mamas, the last thing you want to think about other than just making it to summer and diving into a nice pool with a drink in hand or sitting on the beach with that oh so good beach read…. is booking those family mini sessions!

But THIS… RIGHT HERE… RIGHT NOW… is THE TIME to do it. Let me explain!


Right now, as we speak your favorite photographer is already starting to book up for the summer, especially if they aren’t solely a child and family photographer. Summer and Fall season are the big seasons for all things photography so right now is THE best time to go ahead and let your favorite photographer know that you are interested in a session with them! Many photographers also use this time to vacations with their own families. So even though it seems like you are scheduled to the max right now and you can’t possibly think of scheduling one more thing; it’s worth it to take a look at your calendar one more time and see if you can match up a date if you want YOUR photographer!


As summer starts to get into full swing, the heat starts to rise! Early summer usually brings more milder temps than late summer making for a much more enjoyable time for everyone! The sun also sets a bit earlier allowing for an easier schedule for your little ones while still getting that beautiful golden hour light! And you want that golden hour light! If you are anything like me, my son needed to be able to RUN and the sweat factor was on big time! He also was on a strict schedule because nap time was no longer a thing in our home after 9 months! I know, it was sad. So we also made sure we took the early time slots to keep everyone happy and playful!


Finally school is OUT and it’s time to just relax and play with your family! Summer is my favorite time because it means my family can actually BE together. We finally have scheduling flexibility and we can take some family vacations! I can book a camp or two! We can take a day to just do nothing, right?! By booking your mini session in early summer, you will have more options to choose a date and a time that works best for your family’s busy schedule! By booking early, you get to choose! You work around your own family vacations or camps or activities that you already have planned or might want to plan as the summer starts picks up! Planning early gives you ALL THE CHOICES!


Scheduling in early summer helps to avoid peak tourist season! As the days get longer and the sun sets lower, people start to stay out longer to enjoy those gorgeous cotton candy skies we are blessed with! When you book early in the summer you are more likely to enjoy a more peaceful, intimate setting with just your family! As the summer starts to move on from August into September, you’ll start to notice more photographers with family portraits: more people, more tourists, more photographers, more families!

This beautiful time right now in June is a sweet spot which allows you to capture these beautiful, real, tender moments without any distractions! It’s just you and your family!


What is the best part about summer?! Is it the freedom? The warm weather? The activities? The days you are going to spend as a family at the beach? The upcoming family vacation? Maybe it’s just all of it wrapped up together! One of the main reasons why I love hosting my Sea Spray Mini Sessions in the beginning of summer is because the anticipation of summer is so joyful for everyone in the family! It’s the perfect time for everyone to enjoy each other and just play! It’s a time of true connection and honestly that is why I get behind the camera. To capture YOUR magic as a family. To capture YOUR connection at this moment in time, right now, at this stage! The beginning of summer is the perfect time to do just that because it is fresh with possibilities and excitement and love!

So what are you waiting for?! Grab your calendar and grab your family and start looking at dates! I am hosting my Limited Edition Sea Spray Mini sessions right now and have a spot just for you!

I hope to see your name in there!

There is no time like today!

Time waits for no one and we all know summer rushes by so fast!

Get in that picture mama! You’ll be glad you did!

5 reasons to schedule your mini session in early summer

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