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t’s no secret I love all things magic! I’m a big believer in fairies and pixie dust and flights to never never land! I have a big imagination and just like Walt Disney said ” Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever”.

Our children are the BEST kinds of dreamers! They dream when they are sleeping of course, but they dream while they are wide awake. Their whole day consists of magic and wonder and it’s my belief that children ARE in fact magic!

Have you ever just sat down for a moment and quietly watched your kiddo play? It’s pretty awesome! They are completely engaged in their own world and it is awesomely unique to them! Their imagination is wide open. It knows no boundary or edge. It knows no fear or worry. It captures them wholly and that is where their own unique magic lives! It’s the kind of magic that as a parent you just want to savor for as long as you can!

It’s the kind of magic, the kind of world you want to just freeze because all too soon you know that whimsy and wonder will quickly be replaced by the concrete things of this world.

But, I have some good news… You can hold on to this moment! You can capture it and tell this story of who they are and the world they love so much right now in this very second. You can enter their world of magic and bring it to life with an in my dreams session!


Whether your kiddo takes flight nightly with Peter Pan and the lost boys to find skull rock and Tinkerbell or swims the surf only to wash up next to a mermaid looking for her dinglehopper, I have the session just for you!

Magical Mermaid Inspired Beach Children's Portrait Session by Brooke Tucker Photography

Maybe you have an older tween who needs a quiet refuge so she seeks out an enchanted forrest library with all of her favorite books! Maybe they are embarking on those years where they are growing up all too fast and you just want to capture the magic before it’s gone!

Trust me mama, I’ve got you! I understand and together we can plan the perfect session that’s one of a kind and unique to just your child…. right here and right now!

Whatever age or stage your child is in, we can dream up a session just for them! All we need to know is what they love and what excites them. What dream takes them away to that special place where you could sit back and watch them dream and watch their own special magic come to life.

I bet you even have an idea forming in your mind right now! You are the one that knows your child’s heart! The dreams that dream while they are awake and asleep. You know their favorite stories, their favorite characters, their wildest and craziest asks and dreams that live inside their adventurous minds!

Let’s get together and make it come to life!

I’ve been able to sit down with the Mad Hatter, Alice and the Queen of Heart for tea time! I’ve been able to guide Snow White to her not so poisoned apple and hear her read the birds and animals a beautiful book before her slumber! I’ve even been roller skating all over town with a glittery, soda pop drinking ballerina. And I’ve surfed with a handsome surfer a time or two!

snow white children's portrait, brooke tucker photography child photographer orlando florida

See we all know our little ones! As parents we know what lights them on fire. We know what sparks their interest and fills their heart and whisks them away to that place of happy and wonder and joy! Are you ready to let me into that world so we can bring it to life right before their very eyes?!

I am!

I’m ready to design and capture that special world and special magic that only your child has! I’m ready to freeze this moment for you so you can have and hold it even when they get bigger! It would be one of my greatest blessings!

So go ahead and come on over and contact me: the pixie dust awaits you!

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