Real is Better Than Perfect

I believe in REAL!  

I'm a nerdy book lover who snorts when I laugh! I am a total invader of personal space and a hugger at the first meeting. I love coca-cola classic Panera green tea and a good buttered biscuit. I also adore popcorn... of all crazy kinds!
We JUST moved back to our home town of Virginia Beach where we are finding our groove: barefoot, all things boy and our toes in the sand and the salty sea!
Mostly, I believe in moments that are un-filtered! The moments that are true to who we are RIGHT NOW in this very moment! The real ones... and the magical ones

about Brooke

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We can be found wandering the beach or sharing our stories of magic with princesses, storm troopers and fairies!  
Photography has become so much sweeter and so much more meaningful to me now that I am a mom!
It is BECAUSE I am a mom that I have learned why I LOVE having and feel so comfortable with the camera in my hand.    
It is because I am a mom who is NOT perfect but awkward and real and gracefully imperfect.
I am a mom who laughs too loud and cries at the silliest of things. (Just ask my husband!)
I am a mom who loves the raw moments, every single one!
Life happens all too quickly and I want to soak in every single second... the messy hair, the sticky fingers, the tears, the tantrums, the blurry and the chaotic. Most of all I love those moments that capture the true magic of childhood and what it means to be a family:  how we truly love one another unconditionally!

My family is my north

TUCK is my absolute rock and best friend! He is the best egg sandwich maker and thumb wrestler.  
Fun fact: we thumb wrestled during our entire wedding ceremony (the jury's still out on who won!) He is incredibly strong and patient! He is goofy when it's just the two of us and he keeps Linc and I laughing and light hearted!

Meet My Family!

meet linc

Tuck LOVES anything chocolate and made of ice cream or sweets! He is a master of figuring out how to do something on you tube and fixing things around our house!  
He is an adventure seeker and racer/runner and I'm hoping that Linc learns to love the outdoors as much as he does.  

LINC is our wild man and we wouldn't have him any other way! 
Linc is "all boy" fearless, fast, but with a sweet heart!
He loves to play hard and he doesn't sit still for very long!  He is a super gymnast and always flipping or walking on his hands.  Much like his daddy, Linc is a super fan of chocolate and sometimes will request that for breakfast with a side of goldfish!  And Bacon... he eats all the bacon!!!

Meet My Family!

back to brooke

He is a bouncer by nature and will never sit still for a moment!  
He blows my mind everyday with how amazing he truly is! I can't believe how fast time can fly and how much he can change and grow in a split second. The days may sometimes feel long but the weeks and months seem to slip away all too fast!






Kind Words

"Brooke Tucker has been our official family photographer for three years now and we couldn't imagine our life without her in it! She has captured countless images and memories that we will treasure forever, including my pregnancy, birth of my second daughter, my girls meeting for the first time, family photos, and just fun days spent at home. She is talented, passionate, genuine, caring, and goes above and beyond what you would ever expect from a photographer. She is a natural with children and makes every experience so much fun. We are proud to now call her a friend and will forever count on her for special moments with our family".
Ashley Brickner

"If you are looking for a photographer to capture real life moments for your family, look no further!  You have found your girl in Brooke Tucker.  I was introduced to Brooke through a mutual friend and immediately started following her on social media, and was taken with not only the images she captured;  but also the words she used to describe her portrait sessions with her families.  It is obvious that this is her passion and she puts her heart and soul into every session.  When it came time for updated family portraits, I knew immediately who I would contact,  My husband usually puts up a fight, arguing and pouting when I request family portraits, but I realized when I asked him about working with Brooke I didn't hear the usual complaints.  When I asked him why, his response was simple.  "When we take pictures with Brooke, I don't feel like it is this whole fake, staged production, which is what I hate!  It's just us being us and she happens to be there with a camera and capture those real moments!"  I couldn't describe it better myself!  Brooke does a phenomenal job capturing real life!  You won't see forced, posed portraits.  What you will see are images of pure joy and love as families interact with one another!  
Thank you Brooke for taking the time to get to know my family and capture us being us, living those real life moments (tantrums and all)!  -Casey Hicks  

When I first met Brooke, it was like welcoming a friend you have known for years in for a cup of mid day coffee. We were having our first set of family photos taken by someone other than my sister in law and I didn't know what to expect. Would she think my 3 kids were crazy? Was my house clean enough? Will she know what shots to take to capture the essence of our wild personalities?

Within five minutes of Brooke stepping behind her lens it was as if she became part of the chaos. She knew where to stand to get little legs dangling and brothers telling secrets. She was up in front, but no where to be seen all at the same time. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Brooke could dig out emotions in Me and then seconds later be rolling on the floor to get my toddler to laugh.

The simple fact that this one woman could get each member of my family to feel comforted by her presence in the short amount of time she was with us, was to Me...PRICELESS. We had the joy of using Brooke many times after for family photos, baby announcements and lifestyle shoots simply because SHE IS AMAZING AT WHAT SHE DOES.

I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a family/lifestyle photographer to call Brooke Tucker. I promise you will not be disappointed with the outcome! -Christina Boyce  

I want to be your photographer from the very beginning and through all the years.
There is not a moment in your life that I don't want to share or be a part of!  Family begins when we trust our hearts and give ourselves completely to one another!  





To all the families that want to capture their legacy and story: WELCOME! I am incredibly excited we've found each other!
Family begins when we trust our hearts and give ourselves completely to one another!  

From the newly married couple looking to capture their first anniversary to the couple who realizes for the first time they are about to expand their family and a baby is on the way!
To all those celebrating the biggest year in their lives with a smashing of cake to the annual family portrait! To all my families with seniors who are on the brink of a big new adventure: I want you to know that every moment matters!  
All of our moments, the big, the small, and all that lie in between help tell the world who we are, that we were here and we made a difference! I believe photography plays a vital role in capturing that story for the world to share!  

I truly believe photography should not just be focused on beautiful genuine images, but should also be about the EXPERIENCE we share and the RELATIONSHIPS we have with one another!  

Our moments tell our story and we want someone who truly understands us to help us document that story throughout the years! We want someone who feels like family and who we are excited to see behind the camera and also to hang out with for an hour or more!
This is why I offer the LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.  
I want to be your photographer from the very beginning and through all the years.
There is not a moment in your life that I don't want to share or be a part of!  


Photography isn't just about one session, it's about sharing our stories and building a relationship together! It's why there isn't a single moment I don't want to be a part of in your lives and your little ones lives.   

Please contact me for more information on current sessions, booking and availability!  I would be honored and incredibly excited to work with you!  All sessions include image downloads and a beautiful online gallery to share!


Once you are ready to book your session, I want to make it as easy as possible!  First you choose your session type, then you choose your collection and next we choose your date!  I offer four different types of sessions to select from and all you need to do is determine whether you want your session to focus on your family, your child or your child's beautiful unique magic and imagination!  From there, I offer 2 different types of collections:  and yep! Both include all the digital files from your gallery!  Please inquire via e mail for the full detailed breakdown of pricing info!





ideal for:
family session,
milestone session
sibling session
mommy and me
*Begins at $425

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unique one of a kind family portrait
family portrait
lifestyle focused images
Real Life focused family images
*Begins at $475

ideal for:
family session,
milestone session
sibling session
mommy and me
*Begins at $425

ideal for:
Families who want a quick 15 to 30 minutes session
Families with younger children

*Begins at $175




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