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f you are a mom that is anything like me, you are already planning your summer (and excited to be doing so).

So what’s the best mama hack (fun advice) I can give you as a busy mom and photographer and taxi driver to a little I can give you?


Look I know this might send waves of panic through your bones for some of you. I promise, it does the same for me when I think of having to get in front of the camera for my own family pictures! But if right now you find yourself sweating in places you don’t want to mention, we need to sit down and chat mama! I got you!

Time flies by no matter how long the days might feel. We know this as moms but sometimes we just get caught up. The days are BUSY, especially in the summer. We want to spend as much time having fun with our kids as we can so trust me when I say you want to maximize your time with them but you also want to make sure you document it! Please make sure you are IN THOSE PICTURES mama and the best way to do that is to go ahead and book those family photos! It’s the only way we can actually truly hold on to those memories forever. It’s our only way we can ensure that those memories are frozen and long after the years have faded, we have something physical to remind us!

When was the last time YOU were in the picture?

As a mom, most of us are responsible for capturing and maintaining our family’s stories! We are the ones taking the beautiful photos of our children on our many adventures but we are behind the camera not in front! Raise your hand if this rings true!

It’s time to step out mama! It’s time to take a main character role and show up! Find a photographer that fits your family! One that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful and will most importantly allow your family to have FUN together!

Find a photographer that understands and make it’s easy. Someone that feels like a friend who wants to take care of you! Someone who understands! Someone who actually see’s you! A photographer who is also a mama that knows not every child is the same and wants to sit still and pose. A mama that gets that digital files are fantastic but at the end of the day they are going to stay somewhere in an unzipped file on your computer and what we as mamas really need are printed products! Find an artist who understands that real life is beautiful and the things that we need to keep are the belly laughs, those tiny tight curls and the way that small hand fits in yours! That’s what you want captured! Find someone who will see the magic that is uniquely your family!

Summer is an amazing time here in Virginia Beach! It’s my favorite time of the year and I’d love to freeze these precious moments for you! Let me show you how much FUN family pictures can be; how easy it can be and how beautiful it is to be in FRONT of the camera.

Don’t wait to schedule your session! Time doesn’t wait for anyone! Our kids grow a little everyday, they change a little every moment. Don’t wait and let your summer schedule get too busy!

Don’t let time slip away and moments go undocumented!

I still have a few summer sessions left waiting just for you!

Let me take your hand mama. I know how it feels, but together we’ve got this!

Let me make this easy and fun!

Let’s do this together!

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