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Happy Friday friends and mommas!

This morning we are having a for REAL, live out loud and live proud mom with toddler morning over here!  I had planned to write video blog yesterday, but in all honestly… I was exhausted and I hadn’t showered so of course I didn’t want to get in front of the laptop camera!

I was going to take the laptop upstairs and write an epic blog in bed last night about our Disney trip and the whole entire reason why our little family of three went to Disney in the first place (and also where we decided to splurge) but Linc curled up in bed with me last night and my heart just melted and so did my eyes right into my eyelids!  😉

So here I am this morning just giving myself a break to breathe in a nice deep breath and exhale because Linc woke up with some kind of reappearing and disappearing toddler sickness, my morning coffee isn’t quite giving me the caffeine kick I need, I burnt the muffins (which are easier than easy bake) and I’m rapidly losing my patience over here!  Plus… I look like a cat that stuck it’s tail in the electrical outlet!

BUT THAT’S REAL LIFE!!!  THIS IS MY LIFE!!  And in all honesty, I do love it and it makes me giggle!

I mean come on ya’ll… I can’t even bake the rip open the package, stir and bake muffins!  It’s all so sad right?!

I do throw a mean dance party though and I bake awesome play dough cookies and I dig a mean dirt and mud hole!

We ALL have these days and it’s my true belief that it’s the world telling us that we just need to embrace life and maybe stop what we are doing and embrace life as it is!  These days force us to slow it down for just a second and really take a look at who we are and where are lives are and just appreciate it and take stock of what we have!

I may have crazy hair and I may have a serious addiction to morning coffee!  I might need to work on my patience a bit but I have some seriously precious moments with my little one right now!

You know life is soo soo good when you can turn on the Happy song (as Linc calls it) and a impromptu dance party can totally change your day around!!!

What does your craziness look like?!  Post a picture on instagram and tag me in it!!!

embrace your life mombies rise

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