What Do YOU guys want to know!!!!


Hi GUYS!!!!

I posted this on instagram the other day and I received some great responses from friends, fellow mama’s and photographers too!

I’m asking because I really and truly want to know!  As I start diving more into video blogging and tutorials and the like… I want to make sure I am answering the questions that YOU might have!

These can be anything and everything from how to shoot in manual or how to take more natural and candid photos of your children!

You can ask questions about shooting for mother’s or how in the heck I balance time with family and photography (because believe it or not this is something that I feel I am FINALLY getting the hang of!)

What are some things that you’ve always wanted to ask your family photographer?!  I promise with all my heart you will see these topics on the blog these next coming months!

Leave a comment below… I would more than grateful!

In the meantime… here is a super adorable preview of a family I’m sharing next week!!!

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