Weekend Re-cap

July 20, 2015


It’s Monday Ya’ll and I hope you guys had a great weekend!

I really do love the weekends but as much as I would love to go into a fun account of what we did and what we learned (mom style) I spent most of it down for the count!

This was great for the boys because they bonded and spent some super rough and tumble big guy bonding time.  I think there were even plans to camp out in the back yard one night (that was put on hold thanks to some crazy thunder and rain storms) but that led into sword fights and roman knight battles with dress up and dragon slaying and the whole nine yards!

Stuff of a three year old (and grown man boys) dreams!

Ever since I was little when I would get too busy or run myself into the ground without taking the time to take care of myself… I would get sick! The same holds true for myself now as an adult!

Lately, I’ve been working really hard as a momma and a small business owner!  I’ve been staying up late and getting up early to make sure I can meet all the demands of every role I have!  I haven’t been eating the healthiest of meals or drinking nearly enough water (something that as a chronic migraine patient I know I need to do).

So, it’s no surprise to me that over the weekend… my body came at me like a WWF wrestler and put me out of commission!

I landed with a hemiplegic migraine which is typical for me and I’ve had them since I was a very little girl and also something new for me!  This past month I’ve been suffering from TMJ and my jaw has been locking up.

These are things that as a mom… just crush you!  There is nothing worse than having to lay down and force yourself to take a time out when your family is out enjoying the day and laughing and spending good quality time together!  It’s devastating.

But there is no other better way to learn that lesson of “better start taking better care of yourself so you can take the best care of your family” then to have to spend that time out because you didn’t listen to your body in the first place~

So that’s a goal of mine for these next few months!

It’s not enough to find balance just within the work/family life!  You have to find balance within yourself too!  You have to be able to give yourself some grace and time so you don’t over work yourself and end up missing out on the important things because you failed to listen to your body and your own health!

Sooo… just for today, I’m taking the day off!

I don’t do that very often… just take a day off and rest!

As mom’s that never happens!  We say we will and we have the house to ourselves (which is rare).  We intend to just take a nap or allow ourselves the freedom to just take care of ourselves for a moment but that nesting bug that never goes away when the baby is actually born, somehow that kicks back in when we are alone!  We see those dishes and we feel the need to clean.  We can’t just sit down, so we get 7 loads of laundry done while we have the time by ourselves!

We decide to deep clean the house because the house is quiet and that silence is too weird!

BUT… today I am promising myself that I will do nothing more than take some ibuprofin for this jaw of mine and I will rest!  If anything.. I might get my laundry done and maybe visit with my chiropractor, but until it is time for me to pick up my handsome little man… I will rest!

Because it is what I need~!

What is your body telling you that you need today?!


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