Real Mom Moments

April 3, 2015


I absolutely LOVE being a mommy!  I know we all do!

But let’s be honest and have some real mom talk over here!

Life is crazy when we have kids!  It’s amazing and fun and beautiful and brings joy that can not be described!  Our lives are enhanced a thousand times over when we have our littles… but at the same time, there are those days and those stories that after the fact have us shaking our heads and laughing!

“Oh girl… you had one of those days!”  or how about ” Man, I never ever thought I would have heard those words come out of my mouth… did I really just say those words in a sentence, together?!”

In the moment these moments may sometimes have me shaking my head or drive me crazy (please someone pass me a coca-cola at 7 am~)  There are some days in the moment that my little man can do things that leave me boiling mad!  But usually by the time Tuck gets home and I share these stories with him, I can’t help but snicker a bit before the words actually come out!

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about!

I feel like as momma’s these days we just NEED to get together and lift one another up!  We need to let go (CUE ELSA because you know that DVD is on repeat at your house) and start sharing our crazy stories with one another~

Let’s forget all the pretense of perfect!  Let’s share our crazy lives!  Let’s let down our guards a bit and laugh with each other over the fact that GIRLS WE ARE HUMAN and our kids are all a little wild sometimes and crazy and loveable!

We are all in this together and having a community means we can do so much more and be so much (and stay so much sane) if we have one another to lean on and say “oh yea girl, we went through that too!”

In the spirit of being “real”, this is the beginning of a new series on the blog twice a month:  Real mom moments and real mom talk!  A place where we can all share our “can you believe I said this” moments.  Or our yea this really did happen and it’s so funny NOW days!

Because seriously ya’ll:  I really and truly do believe that REAL will always be more beautiful and more fulfilling than perfect ever could dream to be!

Real Mom Moments:

  • Size really does matter for boys and it starts really early!  I know Tuck will kill me for sharing this (and Linc too when he’s a bit older but this was a moment that was HILARIOUS and also really embarrassing for me!  We were driving in the car to Roanoke this past weekend and of course the boys were chatting it up.  Linc is super interested in body parts these days (because he’s potty training of course) and out of the blue he decides to announce that he has a penis.  If that’s not awkward enough at random parts of the day he also loudly and boldly states that he has a small penis compared to daddy who has a BIG penis!  I think that made Tuck feel pretty good that day!  (Boys)


  • THE EPIC TANTRUM…. in the middle of CVS!  OHHH this one is classic!  What do you do when your toddler has a full melt down at CVS but you absolutely HAVE to go because your husband is deployed and you need prescriptions?!  All we needed was to get in and out but Linc wouldn’t have it, OH NO.  So you try to discipline INSIDE the CVS (which of course is incredibly crowded considering it’s usually empty!)  The time out spot in CVS seems to be working well, minus the few strange and judgmental looks I’m getting from to elderly patrons.  Then I turn my head for a quick second and realize OH SHOOT (except I wasn’t thinking shoot) there goes my child, BUCK naked down aisle 4!  We high tailed it outta there, sans prescriptions.  #epicfail


  • BRAD’S HAT!  Potty training is amazing!  You feel excited and accomplished and kind of free!  Hooray we must be doing something right!  THEN the potty becomes kind of a toy and your little one goes from just being excited about going to the potty to flushing the potty… 80 million times a day!  I know I can’t be the only one that has experienced this!  Our little one is “a flusher”.  Sadly, we were getting ready for bath time and daddy wasn’t quite on his flushing A game (and mommy wasn’t either) and Linc flushed brad’s hat down the toilet.  Now, you might be asking who the heck is brad?!  We ask that same question!  Brad is anyone and everyone!  Every action figure in this house is named Brad… we don’t know why it’s just the way it is.  This said Brad is tubby time big rig Brad who “wore” this really cool helmet.  Not anymore because we assume Linc flushed it away.  We can’t find it… anywhere.  Just like I can’t find some lego’s, or a tiny duck we used to have for the bath, or the letter O.  We constantly have to yell out phrases like “Don’t flush ice creamer down the potty.”  ” HULK CAN NOT SMASH THE PEE PEE IN THE POTTY LINC”.


  • How about the phone call… the dreaded one!  Mommy decides to take a quick shower and hides her phone away (or so she thinks) and Linc trying to unlock the phone that I so cleverly thought would be a great idea, ends up calling emergency personnel.  THAT was awesome~!


We all have days where the melt downs are on 8 second intervals and we feel like professional bull riders.  We all have those days where we feel like oh gosh I hope somehow my little finds a way to sort this mess out through counseling!  We also all have those days where we wanna fist pump in the air and scream MOM FOR THE WIN!  Those are the days that I’m the one that wants to run through CVS and drop trou and celebrate because mom of the year award happens only so often! 😉

The point is… we ALL have “those days”.  ALL OF THEM!  And I choose to celebrate this life together with you~!  I choose to celebrate the #epicfails and the #momoftheyear days and all those in betweens because that is what makes our house one that is usually rolling in laughter!

We do mess up, we do get muddy, our little is a nudist who never keeps his pants on and scares the neighbors! We do love hard and we also laugh hard!  I also cry hard and sometimes at the dumbest things!  But that’s me… real and genuine and never perfect!

So let’s share our stories together:  the success, the adventures, the challenges and those moments that make you shake your head and think “what just happened here!”

If you’re with me… leave a comment!

In the meantime… here are some of my favorite all time mom/parent blogs!  These are the blogs that keep it real ya’ll!  The ones that make me laugh and pick me up when I’m feeling like I’m the only one out there that doesn’t have it down!






So keep on keepin on ya’ll and I’m going to spend my weekend talking about body parts, yelling out weird phrases like for goodness sake Linc we don’t FLUSH THE DOG (now that would be a sight to see!) and being grateful that every day I’m given the opportunity to enjoy our little mess ups again and again with grace and love!


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