The Soda Pop Sessions | One on One time with BTP


Ok guys… I am really excited to share with you some big news!

After attending the creative at heart conference and realizing that FEAR is such a silly thing.. it holds us back from some really and truly amazing adventures in our lives… I mean really ya’ll… fear is so silly!

I’ve decided to stop being afraid and start really following whats in my heart and reach out from this place that I love which is community and serving and providing a place of growth and FUN and safety!

We all love photography in some way or another, whether we are camera artists or whether we are incredibly loving mama’s and daddy’s capturing the lives of our family with our cameras and phones!

I want to help create a space for everyone to learn in a world of laughter and grace rather than FEAR!

SOOOOOO (cue to drums which in our case over here are usually pots and pans and tupperware containers…. sometimes even mommy’s head when the hulk smashes it! YIKES) 😉

I am really humbled and excited (and yep scared too) to announce….




These sessions are absolutely for you if:

  • You ever wondered how to switch from auto to any other setting on a DSLR (especially auto)
  • You would love some help or tips on learning how to capture candid, real, RAW moments of your children every day (and are a visual/in person learner like me!)
  • You want to learn more about how to work with lighting indoors around your house or shooting your children in full sun
  • Want to spend one on one time with ME with your camera in hand learning a few tips and tricks!


So come enjoy a soda pop (I will have a coke of course) and we can chat about photography and kids and LIFE!  We’ll snap a few pictures and share a few laughs!

We’ll probably even cheers!

These sessions are for YOU… so here’s to you!

Here’s to having a FUN time learning because let’s face it… we always learn better when we’re having some fun!

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