Weekend Re-cap


Happy Monday Friends!  I’m actually super excited it’s Monday!  I know everyone else is probably groaning… but seriously ya’ll the weather here is still pretty nice (Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP), Linc is off to school and he was super excited to get there this morning!  I love that he loves his school!  Plus today starts a whole new week… my birthday week!

I’m usually never excited for my birthday.  In fact, usually I dread it because in the past something horrible has always happened on my birthday.  This year though, I’m feeling really upbeat and happy about it!  I’m turning 33 (sadly my parents and I last night had to actually add up the math on that one!)  Tell me, at what age do you start to forget how old you are… because that happened!

I also prepared and served a pretty darn delicious dinner last night!  I’m kind of a nervous chef (which is not great for the food).  I always have to pep talk myself and say to myself, “self, pour LOVE into the food.  Think LOVING thoughts.”  We all know food tastes better when their is love behind it.  Tell me you agree.  Instead, usually, there is anxiety and frantic pressure notes behind the flavors in my food!  Last night though, there was looooooovvvveee  ya’ll!  I prepared Ina Garten’s herbed pork loin wrapped in prosciutto with homemade apple chutney!  I also served it along side home made bread… BOOYAH!  That’s all I’m going to say about that!  I can share the recipe if you like!  I wish I had gotten a picture but I was just so darn excited to EAT IT that I forgot to snap a quickie!

I also learned quite a few lessons over the weekend:

  • Crayons:  Are not a safe bet.  Markers and crayons are equally as dangerous.  Our house is going to invest in stock of magic eraser.  Thankfully Linc really loves the magic eraser and not only likes to clean up his “I make beautiful” spots but he likes to clean the rest of the doors, baseboards, house etc!


  • Buzz light year is actually my favorite character on toy story!  ALL OF THEM.  Now that we have seen them a trillion times!  The toy story series is actually pretty hysterical and looking for all the subtle “other” disney character and hints and “easter eggs” is challenging and really fun!  Gives the adult viewer something else to watch when you’re watching it for the 50 millionth time!


  • There are no secrets when you have a toddler such as ” Gigi, I peed on my face!”  “Mommy tells me AH AH allllll the time!”  I wonder what other secrets he is spilling at school!


  •  Tuck and I rented a movie this weekend (Guardians of the Galaxy) and I actually stayed awake for it! However, when returning to red box (for the first time) watch your fingers on those suckers… the box at Great Neck took off some skin!


Oh the “but I make it beautiful” on our window!  Just a quick snap before the other mess happened!

And my favorite… never give a sweaty boy chocolate without a napkin/ paper towel!  Two seconds is all this took!




How was your weekend?!


I’d love to hear!!!

Coming up this week… a post for photographers, a creative at heart re-cap!, a birth story and much  more!

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