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March 23, 2015


This weekend, our family spent a whole lot of quality time together!  It was AMAZING!

I’ve been reading a bunch of really incredible books and they have made such a difference on my heart!  I just finished (for the second time) Lara Casey’s Make It Happen!

I read it a second time because I wanted to actually put the work in:  with a journal, time set aside, and intentional focus!

If you haven’t read that book but you have some big dreams or are just wondering where to go from here… friends, it’s a must read!

One of the biggest phrases I have taken away from her book this time around is:

purpose not perfection!  

I am a complete perfectionist and always have been and that never changed when we had Linc!

In fact, just this past week I was complaining/whining to Tuck that I just don’t know how to get it all done and Thursday I was having one of those days!

I was whining about how I just want to be “everything”:  I want to be the perfect photography and small business owner answering client e mails at rapid pace with the best answers and customer service.  I want to deliver images with a super fast turn over!  I want to book sessions like crazy and say yes to every session that comes my way!

I want to be the perfect mom for Linc and have the exact schedule he needs to promote optimal growth and development!  (yes I know that sounds silly but I did major in child life and child development).  I even for a while had a schedule posted that the super nanny would be proud of!

I want to be the perfect wife and stay at home mom that includes having all the errands run during the week so that we can al enjoy our time together in the evenings and on weekends without the stress of running around doing mundane errands!  I want to have a healthy dinner on the table that everyone can enjoy together!  I want the house to be spick and span deep cleaned ALL the time (because I’m partly OCD and that happened when I was nesting and pregnant).

I want and I want and I want… but the reality is… if I could really do all these things 1.  I would never ever sleep and 2.  I would not be human!

I would also be soo busy that I would never have a second to enjoy any of those moments:  not with my family, not with my clients and not a single second to myself!

Purpose over Perfection!

So this weekend I decided to choose purpose and I also followed one of Lara’s biggest tips… go offline!

I unintentionally started on Saturday.  My phone quit on me because I have overloaded it with images and videos.

Sunday though I made a conscious choice to leave my phone upstairs, for the whole day!  I also asked Tuck if moving forward, we could both do this every single Sunday.

Let’s take Sunday’s off:  Off from work, Off from Facebook, Off from instagram!  Just OFF!

Let’s just go back to how it was when WE were growing up and enjoy each other!

So we got up (Linc slept in super late) which gave us the chance to sip our coffee and talk about random things like we used to do!

We ate a nice breakfast as a family and then we all went to church together!

Linc isn’t napping anymore so the rest of the day was spent together playing as a family unit!

In fact… I can’t even begin to tell you all that we did over the weekend and it’s not because I don’t remember;  it’s because both of our days were so full with fun activities one after another that it’s hard to keep up with them!

Linc also had a lot of little firsts this weekend and both of us were 100 % present and in the moment for them!

So I think as a family moving forward we are choosing to take our Sunday’s back!

Will you join us?


  1. Darlene says:

    i am happy you had such a great weekend. Uncle Jim and I also had a weekend like that up at camp. So refreshing and restoring!

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