Victoria & Adam | A downtown Williamsburg Engagement


So, I’m not sure if you are like me, but sometimes when I am around people I get an overwhelming sense of everything is just right with the world and everything is just exactly as it should be kind of feeling!  I get that when two people are just truly meant to be together and just FIT.

When I met with Victoria and Adam for our engagement session that Sunday morning (bright and early sunrise Sunday morning!!!) I had that feeling… like a million times over!

If you have ever been with Adam and Victoria for more than 3 minutes, you know I’m describing things just exactly so.  These two together… they  just fit.  It’s as if they have always been together, two halves of a whole!  It’s more than just right and more than just comfortable.  It’s more than just love and passion (while that is absolutely there).  It’s just the way love is 110 % supposed to be… it’s all of those things:  understanding, compassion, comfort, love, unconditional, fun, goofy and longing!

These two have the kind of love we dreamed about as little girls when we dreamed about our prince charming’s but didn’t fully understand.  The love we dreamed about but wasn’t sure was truly possible when we were getting older and now the kind of love we are striving for every day!

These two have it and they appreciate it with every ounce they have!

We met at Sunrise on what was supposed to be a 70 degree day, but of course at sunrise it’s not that warm!  These two were amazing!  They were bright eyed and braved the cold and the mist that was forming on Williamsburg’s Colonial fields.  We really had the perfect day and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple!

Adam had just returned home from being away so these love birds were still on such a high from being able to actually soak up the same space together~

We walked all over town and we found that Adam knows Colonial Williamsburg pretty well!  (( swear I think he’s a part time reenactor on his days off!)

We found out that Adam is an amazing nuzzeler… he graduated on our session together from amazing nuzzeler to born to nuzzle!  It’s a special skill that is worth noting fellas!!!

Victoria is a really gifted photographer herself so it was really great for me to have her on the other side of the camera for once and WOAH can she model!  GIRLFRIEND… you were  GORGEOUS!!!!

I loved how while we walked and talked these two just knew each other perfectly!  They anticipated each other’s needs and gracefully moved with each other’s steps in perfect time.  Adam was always aware of where Victoria was headed and always held out his hand to direct her around a puddle or lead her over a pot hole or rock bed.

It was an old fashioned kind of gentleman and lady that I was watching.  I know that sounds funny but I don’t mean for it to be!  It was beautiful and I felt like I was taken back to a time when dating and marriage truly meant something sacred!

Adam was looking out for Victoria in so many ways, protecting her and leading her and anticipating her every need!  In turn, Victoria was shining so brightly and beaming with happiness and a radiance that was beautiful~!

There is a respect between these two that is of the old school days when relationships and family truly mattered!  A respect that is so unconditional!

I am beyond excited and I feel so blessed to capture many more small moments like these for them on their wedding day!  I already told Victoria I’m going to have to skip the make up and pack loads of extra tissues because I know I’m going to cry all day long!

Here are some of my favorite from our Williamsburg Sunrise Session Together!!

Love the two of you so dearly!

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