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Oh my goodness… these two ladies (almost three ladies)… how I love them soo!

Over the past few years it seems that Virginia Beach has been getting some real winters!  Our winter months are still a bit crazy;  one day we are at 70 degrees and then next we are 18 degrees and we have snow on the ground!  I have never in my life though seen this much snow or had it stick around long enough to play for several days and then have it snow again!

We had some icy snow first, and by icy snow I mean when we all went outside to play we were ice skating in our front yards!  The snow was packed underneath a layer of ice.  It was kind of fun (but not really).  It wasn’t the kind of snow for building snow men or making snow cream.  It was a snow dud!

But then…. OH but then, it snowed again! And I know some of us groaned (I did) but this time when the snow fell it was gorgeous!  It was fluffy and thick and heavy and just so white and beautiful.  It left us with thick downs of white covered fields AND roads that were driveable (which if you have ever driven in Virginia Beach you know is HUGE).

Sooo.. after being couped up in the house for way too long, I decided it was time to grab the camera and get out of the house to play.

On a whim I called up these beautiful gals and sure enough, they were wonderfully game to meet me for a snowy wonderland session!

Ashley is the momma behind the fabulous blog Words About Waverly.  She is an incredible blogger and if you’re looking for fashion tips to lifestyle to mommy advice, it’s a great inspiration!

Waverly is super into the snow right now and I love her for it!  She loves to eat it and every so often we just had to stop for a bite!

We pranced and danced and giggled our way through the woods to the best spots for snowy explorations and snowy ice ball tastes!  We saw some ducks and watched them swim in the frozen waters!

Ashley and I chatted about raising these crazy 2 almost 3 year olds and how FUN and sassy they are!

We talked about Waverly’s role becoming the BIG SISTER soon and can we just talk about how GORGEOUS Ashely is!

She is such an amazing momma!  She is so patient and so loving with Waverly!  She nurtures Waverly’s free spirit and her personality in a way that is just magical to watch.  These two are best buds for sure and definitely soul mates!  Ashley is the kind of momma you always wanted to have:  fun, energetic and creative!  She is always up for anything and she is so bright and happy and positive!

I can’t wait to meet this new little one!  She is blessed beyond measure to have Ashley as her momma and Waverly as her big sister and best friend for life!

Love this ^   Waverly is totally giving model face!!!  America’s Next Top Model… Right there!

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    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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