snow days (for days)

February 27, 2015


It’s no secret that we’ve had some snow days here in VB… for days!

When I was little, I used to LOVE the snow!  I think we all did!  As an adult, I loved the snow!!!  As a mom though, right now, I don’t love it.  I’m starting to find a new appreciation for it as Linc is starting to like it more and more.  I do not have the love that I once had for it!

Cabin fever is a real thing ya’ll!  A very real thing, espeically with a little Linc who adores outside and running and being extremely active and able to go and do!  At least this year he enjoys being outside in the snow (last year… whew man not so much).  Our problem this year is the fall out from when he has to come in because his little hands are so numb!  Meltdowns for days friends… meltdowns for days!!!

We’ve been having some fun though going out in spurts and then drinking hot chocolate (which is a huge new thing hooray!) and making snow cream!

Here are some of our fun times from our first little snow storm!  The storm that made us all laugh a little because my in laws were here and they are from upstate new york where this is an every day type of snowing for them in the winter!   They were crying laughing (and we were too) the night before listening to the state of emergency winter storm reports on the news!

Instead of snow this time… we got ice so it wasn’t quite as fun as it was the second time around!  I’ll share those on Monday!

We kind of laughed at Tuck because he decided to break out his tactical winter gear and ended up looking like a sumo wrestler/state puff man!  He also was so hot he was sweating!  It’s not that cold here buddy!!!

Tuck gave me the nicest compliment… which I think he actually meant to tease me rather than compliment me! He’s kind of the teasing type not the complimenting type (but that’s why I love him!)  He told me I looked like I was ready for an aspen photo shoot rather than a play date in the snow… so he grabbed the camera and took some shots!  Problem is… I’m darn right awful in front of the camera!  HORRIBLE!  So weird, awkward faces it was!

I also got a wild hair and thought it was be a GREAT idea to do a snowy night shot like my girlfriend Amanda Hedgepeth.  I broke out my lights and was thinking… yes this is going to be EPIC!  Problem is… all my bribes of lolipops for Linc and oreo truffles for Tuck just weren’t working in my favor.

Linc was exhausted (no nap), Tuck hates photos anyway so this was going perfectly with a no nap, melt down toddler and I just couldn’t get all my set up to work the way I wanted it to to produce the image I wanted.  I needed to practice!!!  Practice just isn’t happening with a cranky toddler who needs a bath and is waaay past his bedtime and a husband who was over it before it began and wants to sit down to his homework!

SOOOO… this is what I got and it’s not perfect by any means but I hold true to what I always say…

It’s perfect to me because it’s our memory!  That was our night!  I was practicing… Linc was a mess… Tuck was a mess… I was a mess!

We were all sick!

I’m learning a set up!

But we all came together and we caught one moment.  One perfect moment of cuddle and snuggle.  It may not be technically perfect, but WHO CARES!

Life isn’t… and we aren’t!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and stay safe!  Next week it’s back to work and blogging for me and I have LOTS to share!

I’ll be back to sharing my story and how it helped to create the Lifetime Experience.  This week is a super personal part of the story.  One that I have never really shared with anyone other than close family and friends.  It’s a part that some might not like to hear… but it’s completely me and it’s a HUGE part… in fact it’s THE reason behind why this package was created.

I’m also sharing more of our family snow adventures.

I also have 2 gorgeous… GORGEOUS snowy sessions that I’m sharing and they will melt your heart!!!



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