Weekend Re-cap | Valentines Treats and Family time


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope everyone had a beautiful valentines day filled with some extra snuggles!!

I’m not a HUGE fan of Valentine’s Day.  While I can’t wait to really celebrate for Linc and get him into making super fun hand made valentines and doing fun little things all around us for others… I really do believe that you should share your love and let those around you know how much you care every single day.

It’s those random little acts of love that always  mean the most!  The unexpected times and the notes left around the house, the small ways in which we chose to show our love every day that always mean the most!

We did have a great valentines over here though!

Linc was still recovering from a wicked bout of croup (which he has now managed to pass on to both Tuck and I… that was his valentines day gift to us… thanks bud!)  So we spent the day snuggling and running a few errands together as a family!

I made some red velvet truffles out of the new red velvet oreos.. which let me just say.. please oreo creators keep those suckers around longer than just special addition because I might just be in love (and I don’t like sweets!)

Our family came in town and is spending a few days with us… so Grammy and Grandpa are here and Linc is LOVING it!!!!

We are enjoying catching up and relaxing with them (and indulging in red velvet oreo truffles!)

All in all, we are feeling rather loved around here!

How was your valentines?!!!!

Linc did have an extremely cute valentine this year!  I know I spammed a bit already but I thought today I’d share some of our little impromptu session!!!

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