His Crazy World!


He is a nut!  He is a funny and goofy little soul with an amazing amount of energy that lasts all day long!

He is the perfect combination of Tuck and I!   He is strong and persistent.  He is focused and driven.  That is all Tuck, those amazing qualities that make him smart and determined and fierce.

He is silly and awkward and goofy!  He is extremely excitable and animated.  He loves to dance and sing and laugh, and when he does laugh it’s loud and wild and embarrassing!  Those are the qualities he gets from me.

Each day brings us something new in this phase of life!  I know lots of people are not a fan of this stage:  the terrible 2’s… but I adore this stage that we are in.

Each day it’s unbelievably magical and I feel like I need to hook up our go pro and strap it on his adorable little head!  I just want to capture it all… I want to see it from his perspective!

New words every day, new sentences and new adventures… these are our days!  Every day holds an exciting tale to be told!

Each day is a new adventure to jump through and hulk smash through because that is the way Linc lives his life… hulk smashing through and bouncing from one moment to the next!

There is absolutely nothing like being able to get back to the basics of life, the true beauty of life than seeing how amazing it is through your children’s eyes!

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