Christie & Adam | Washington DC Engagement

December 12, 2014


This engagement session is super special to me!  I’m so excited to share this and beyond honored to be able to share in Christie & Adam’s joy and adventure!

Christie and her family grew up right next door to me.  We had one house separating us but we grew up in the same little circle!  Her brother and her sister, Christie and I would all play together before school and after school.  We would gather around on the weekends and play until our parents called us home to dinner.  During the long spring and summer days, we would meet outside after dinner and play long after dark:  flash light tag, capture the flag and hide out in their amazing back yard in their play set!

We grew up breaking out all the crazy push bikes, boogie boards and anything that had wheels when the cul-de-sac would flood during rain storms.  We would play in the shin deep water and splash around while our parents would sit together and catch up!

I’m not quite sure who had more fun during halloween trick or treat… the kids or our dads!  I think years after we were too old to go out, our dad’s may have even still walked around a time or two.

Christie and her family are almost like brothers and sisters to me.  I grew up right along side of them and I feel like I shared a lot of my best growing up moments with them.

Christie is now kind of a big deal!  I won’t go into the details of what she does, but she’s pretty important and it’s pretty darn impressive!

I was so excited to head up to DC to meet with her and Adam and get to know the two of them together!   I was excited to catch back up with Christie and hear all about how she has been!  I couldn’t wait to see the two of them together!

All I can tell you:  you know when two people are completely meant to be!

They just fit.  They fit in a way that’s more than comfortable.  They fit in a way that’s more than just “in love”.  They compliment each other in ways that go deeper than just the usual, oh they know each other!

It’s the smallest of details that let you know!

It’s in the way that Adam let’s Christie take the spotlight (even though she hates the spotlight).  Yet Christie fully admits that Adam tells the better story and always ends up letting him finish:  she starts the story and he always finishes.  It’s the perfect beginning and end, every time!

It’s the way they are always stealing glances at each other when they think the other isn’t looking.  It’s a quick glance, but it’s filled with the most sincere affection I have ever seen!

It’s in the way Adam watches Christie walk:  making sure she’s safe and protected but letting her take the lead a bit!

It’s in the way that Adam makes Christie laugh!  A laugh that makes her face light up and a grin that spreads like a light!  You can’t help but smile or laugh yourself when Adam makes Christie laugh… it’s that infectious!

Some love is loud and bright!  Some love is outgoing and catching!  Christie and Adam have a love that is kind and graceful.  It’s soft, it’s subtle and it’s so lovely to see!

I am beyond excited for their wedding day and I can not wait to see the two of them together!  I know that once they are surrounded by friends and family, I will begin to see a bit of a wilder side!  I can not wait for that!

Until then… enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together at our sunrise session!

Adam is a big runner so it was extra special to capture these moments of the two of them in these places as the sun was rising!  Adam usually spends his mornings running these paths watching the sun come up and enjoying the peace and quiet.

It was extra special to capture them together and allow them to have some quiet moments to themselves (you know… as quiet as you can get and as alone as you can get with a crazy camera woman a few yards back!)


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