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This weekend Linc had his second soccer practice!  I missed his first (which was hard for me because I haven’t missed any of his firsts so far) but it was bound to happen.

I was really excited about this Saturday and I couldn’t WAIT to see him in action.  Luckily Tuck sent me video snippets of his first practice (which was just as funny as could be) so I was dying all week to just make it to Saturday to see it in person!

We pumped Linc up again for soccer, which really isn’t necessary because this kid LOVES to kick a ball (or anything remotely close to a ball).  We put him in his little jersey and I grabbed my camera of course and we headed out to the field house!

Let me just say… there is nothing more wild, funnier, crazier, and a bit scarier than a bunch of 2-3 year olds running around with soccer balls in a very small space!  The coaches do a fantastic job of wrangling them in and getting them to organize for brief little spurts of coordinated activities… but woah!  And this is coming from someone who takes Linc to the little gym on Thursdays!

I guess I had pictured something a bit different when I thought hey… we’re going to soccer at the field house!  I had imagined the amoeba like sport where all the kids clump together and move in one big blob to kick the ball around!  This was more of an introduction to the sport of soccer:  let’s kick the ball occasionally, play with the goal and have a great time interacting with all things soccer!

Don’t get me wrong…it was AWESOME!  Just different than what I expected.  I looked over to the other little fields they had sectioned off for the soccer practices and found it hard to believe that in just a short period of time Linc would go from crazily kicking the ball wildly around this area, to one day soon being able to practice drills like the kids in the other areas.  It baffles me how quick they pick things up!

Linc was pretty awesome I do have to say!  He really LOVED kicking the ball around!  He loves kicking in goal and even more, he loves grabbing the balls OUT of the goal.  I think maybe goal keeping is in his future!  You could tell some of the regulars there that had a hard time with Linc’s hands on approach!  They’ve got it down and are for sure ready to move on to the world of drilling!

I did manage to take a few pictures, although they aren’t of the best quality!  I’ll remember next time to bring a flash (as much as I don’t love shooting with one) and maybe a bit of a better lens.

At the end of the day though, I’m glad I have these of my little beckham!  The last image is my favorite… that kick was EPIC!  

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